The Young and The Restless is Killing Me

Devon got me into watching The Young and The Restless.

Yes, I said Devon.

I am not joking, he has watched The Young and The Restless since like middle school.  I can’t explain it, I’ve tried to other people and I just can’t.  He stopped watching for awhile but went back and forth for a long time too.

Last…spring-ish, he says to me:”soooo, I’m kinda feeling like I want to watch Y&R again….which means you will also wind up watching it….sooooo….just thought I’d give you a warning.”

It’s a soap opera….I can’t even pretend like it’s not.  Because everything about it is very soap opera-y (because that’s a word); it’s overly dramatic, everyone has been married to everyone else, the main/lead characters all have about 6 marriages, each, under their belts, and also marrying the same person multiple times, random children living with people that aren’t actually their parents, but they are being raised as if they are their parents, and……:sigh:  It’s a lot.

And for the longest time, I would just look at him after an episode like “what the hell did I just watch?”


I watch it without question….and actually enjoy it and even kinda sorta eagerly anticipate the next day.


I shouldn’t like Y&R but I do…..and I’m not even [that] ashamed of myself.  Like I know Jack is going to try and get another play at Phyllis, he still loves her; he’s just mad.  Billy and Victoria need to get back together, they both know they want to.  AND I AM SO HAPPY HILARY AND DEVON ARE OVER!  And they better stay that way…this way he can get together with Mariah, that would be a good choice.  I’m not even going there with Sharon or Gloria because they’re both batshit crazy.

So, please just tell me that I’m not the only one that’s had this sort of hell sprung on them? Maybe not so much soap operas (I accept Devon is odd) but random guilty pleasures TV.

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  1. Haha this is too funny. I used to watch All My Children back in the day with my mom and grandma. I even went to meet one of the actors when he went on a tour! So I totally get how you can get sucked in!

    By Lauren M

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