Saturday Shorts

Weekday Shorts – Moving Edition

*Packing. Is. Hell. I have been in hell for a week. Our apartment is Chaos right now…and I don’t do well in chaos. So, basically I’m going to lose my mind. It even looks worse than what I showed last week…and will continue to look worse.

*We have 16 days until we move into our new house and I feel like there is so much to do before we get there. It’s almost like the packing part isn’t super hard it’s just getting everything else; like switching cable/internet, gas/electric, changing our addresses with all of the things, hiring movers…it’s a lot of just little random things that are driving me a little crazy.

*I went to check out the Target and Wegmans near our new house and am in love with both of them (because I am the weirdo that needs to know about my grocery stores before I move). Not only are both of the stores bigger than my current ones but they are in the same shopping center along with an Ulta, Old Navy, Bed Bath and Beyond, a frozen yogurt place, a Green Turtle, a Qdoba, a movie theater and a bunch of other things. So, basically, I will be living there. That is all.

*In all of the moving things, I forgot about my BoxyCharm July box that arrived…like…2 weeks ago? It’s a good one, so that kind of makes me sad.

But, I’m always on the hunt for good makeup brushes and these feel nice and soft and thick. I am really looking forward to trying this Elemis mask but I think I’m going to save it as a treat for after we’re done moving. I love my BoxyCharm Subscription because I get a bunch of fun beauty products for $21/month and it’s usually stuff I wouldn’t necessarily buy on my own. Each box is typically worth over $100 (this box was over $125) and typically has full-size products inside, so definitely worth the subscription fee.

*Now I’m wondering what other boxes/packages are lost amongst the packing.

*We’re supposed to be heading to the house this weekend or early next week to go in and take measurements and see if we can start figuring out where things are going. We’re also realizing we don’t have a ton of furniture because while we’ve filled our apartment, we’re getting rid of some of what we have here and even if we did take it all, it would still be rather bare since our new house is double the square feet we have now. So, hopefully we can figure some things out and kind of figure out where we’re starting first.

*Alright back to packing I go…

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