Where Should We Go???

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I have mentioned everywhere, at this point, that Devon and I will be traveling to London and Cardiff for our honeymoon this summer and we are BEYOND excited for the trip.

We went and did our passport applications this past weekend and we have most of our travel and lodging accommodations made, but…..

We haven’t really planned what we’re doing yet.

Part of the trip is because we’re both Doctor Who fans (Devon majorly so) and we want to explore some of the “nerdier” stuff surrounding that, but that won’t take us almost two weeks….

So, where should we go and see while we’re there?  We aren’t super touristy, so we’re not people that are all “OMG we have to see Buckingham Palace” or anything like that while we’re there, but there are plenty of places we could visit and have a great experience.

For reference, we’re going to be there for about two weeks at the end of June/beginning of July. We have about 5 days in London, another 6 in Cardiff/Wales, and we also have a day in Edinburgh, Scotland, and a day in Reykjavik, Iceland.  So, we’re open to suggestions in any of those places.

Help us out…what should we do?!?!?1

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