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A No-Good, Horrible, Semi-Bad Day

Ugggghhhh. I dislike driving in ice.  Snow is fine.  Ice is horrible.  Thank you county schools for only being two hours late and making almost slide off the road twice.

Then I leave my school laptop at home, which I kinda sorta need.

Then I also left part of my lunch at home.

And to top it all off, I have an annoying pimple dead in the center of my forehead.

Devon’s home because his county was smart (for once) and closed the whole day.  Yes, I’m jealous.  I admit it.  I keep Facebook messaging him and calling him a doody head, just because in some weird way it makes me feel better.

Don’t judge.

I will be happy to go home at 3:15.  I’d be even happier to go home now.

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