Friends Shopping Spring Cleaning

Aching Legs


I did soooooo much walking yesterday.  Dear lord.  I haven’t walked that much or that fast in awhile.

Don’t get me wrong, it was good, I needed to do it, but damn my legs were sore all night last night after.  They’re still a little sore.

E and I had such a great time, though.  They’ve changed that place around a little since the last time we were there. But they didn’t change Charming Charlie!  Seriously, the amount of time we spent in there is almost embarassing.  Almost. They were having the best sales, ever.  I was so excited.  I got this cute little initial necklace (though in silver because gold is bad) in “D” and “S”, obviously both are for me because I don’t think it’ll fit well on Devon.  But they were $3.99 each! They’re so cute.  I got a few other things, too, but it was just fun to hang out and spend some time with a friend that I haven’t seen in awhile.  I saw her dress and some stuff from her ceremony.  It’s going to be such a beautiful wedding and she’s going to look gorgeous. I’m excited for her wedding, it’s gonna be so much fun!

So, I had some fun yesterday.  Today is Spring Cleaning Part Three! (Technically the bathroom was part two, but you didn’t see that), which will be my Kitchen and maybe my dining room, as well, depending on whether or not I feel like doing both. These two rooms are probably my most disorganized (and connected which is why I might just do them both together) because we use them the most and they have the most traffic because they’re essentially centrally located in our house. And my cat eats in there and all that so there’s always some kind of mess to clean up and whatnot.  Not to mention, there’s not a ton of storage in my kitchen, which is unfortunate.  And I love my kitchen, I really do, but it’s a little small and not very good for storage.  So I’m actually going to go out before I clean it out and grab a couple organizers to see if I can hide and straighten some of the cluttery stuff.

This one I will share pics of, because, yes I love my little kitchen and I like showing it off.  So, I know it’s early on my vacation, but I’m up, I’m awake, I’m gonna go eat some breakfast and get dressed and do a little shopping and get my kitchen all sparkly.  Yay!!!

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