Amazon Home Favorites

I feel like I’m not exaggerating when I say at least half of our house has come from Amazon. Between Devon and I we shop on Amazon more than anywhere else; from random stuff (like the time Devon bought a huge bag of pipe cleaners) to actual helpful/needed items like vitamins and printer ink.

It’s also typically the first place I look when we need something for the house. Whether it’s for organizing, decorating or furnishing, it’s one of my top go-to places to shop for everything home.

We’ve bought so much from Amazon since we moved into our house 6 months ago (which I can’t believe it’s been that long – and yes a house update is coming soon) that I wanted to share some of the things we’ve absolutely loved and that have been incredibly helpful over the past few months.

Amazon home favorites
  1. FreshWare 15-count Meal Prep Containers: I get a lot of questions about these when I post my weekly meal prep. I have one-compartment ones as well as these two compartment ones. I’ve used them for a long time and they wash well and hold up to multiple uses well, too.
  2. Over The Door Shoe Organizer: I like these for pretty much everything but shoes. I have one on our closet door for my scarves (which keeps me from buying too many) as well as one in our basement where our washer and dryer is for random socks and cleaning supplies. They’re amazing and we need more in this house.
  3. Atlantic Oskar Adjustable Media Cabinet: These are the DVD shelves we have in our basement. They hold a ton of DVD’s (we just have a lot more than the average person) and are really easy to put together. We’ve had three for almost 6 years and bought two more when we moved into our house. Definitely recommend if you have an above average amount of DVD’s.
  4. mDesign Metal Shower Caddy: If you have an adjustable or a hose shower head like we do, finding shower caddies to fit around it was always painful, but this one fits beautiful. It has suction cups to attach to the shower wall so it never moves and we can access the shower head hose without any issues. Plus, it actually holds all of mine and Devon’s stuff. Our old caddy was small and a lot of stuff didn’t fit it well, which meant it was always all over the shower.
  5. AmazonBasics Velvet Clothes Hangers: This is probably the best deal I’ve found on velvet hangers. I’ve seen packs of like 25 at HomeGoods and whatnot for about $10 but to get 100 for under $40 is a steal. I moved all of my clothes onto these when we moved and haven’t regretted it whatsoever. I’m trying to get Devon to use them, but…ya know….men and all…
  6. Shoe Cabinet/Storage Bench: This was the first piece of “furniture” we bought after we moved into our house. Because of all the hard floors I didn’t want to have shoes on in the house so that we wouldn’t scratch up the floors and whatnot. It sits perfectly in our entryway and holds all of the shoes we wear regularly. it also has a nice comfy ottoman at the top so you can sit and put your shoes on. We love this.
  7. Syntus Lunch Bag: This one might be stretching “home” a bit, but I bought this when I started my new school this year and I love it. I was nervous about the quality but it is holding up beautifully. It’s huge and can hold a ton (if you’re like me and meal prep and use 1,000 containers for things) but it’s not bulky or awkward to carry.
  8. Travel Makeup Organizer: I’ve had this bag for well over a year now. It was great in our apartment because we had so little space in our bathroom and it helped me contain my makeup to one container. It’s also been amazing for travel; nothing spills or breaks and everything arrives intact. I don’t use it for everyday anymore since we have a bigger bathroom but I will be using it for upcoming travel again.
  9. Fabric Upholstered Barstool: These are the stools we have at our counter in our kitchen. They were a little firm initially, but they’ve softened out a bit over the past few months and are perfect. They are the perfect height for our kitchen island and just look beautiful in our kitchen.
  10. Ultra-Soft 6-piece Microfiber Sheet Set: We have two sets of these now because they are so soft and so comfy to sleep in. Our favorite part is the fact that it is a 6-piece set and that they have 4 pillowcases (I don’t know why so many sets only have two pillowcases) so we can actually have matching cases on all of our pillows. They wash and store well; they’re amazing.
  11. Roundhill Furniture Blue Fabric Dining Chairs: These are the dining chairs we just bought for our dining room and I’ll be honest; I was hesitant about these. In all honesty, they might still be a little darker than I wanted, but the quality is amazing and they were really easy to put together. Like our barstools the seat cushions are a bit hard at first, but they are softening up with use.
  12. Acrylic Cosmetics Organizer: This is what I store the majority of my makeup in now and it’s perfect. This is a four piece set and you can customize it to fit what you need and, I actually am only currently using three pieces of it. I have one of the pieces stored away because I don’t currently need it but it would be really easy to add on if I do in the future. It’s easy to clean and care for and I think it’s just a really pretty way to store all of your makeup without it feeling like it’s overtaking your bathroom counter.

Clearly, yes, we do have a bit of Amazon problem, but I mean…is it really a problem though? I’m pretty sure our Amazon delivery people know us by name already but even still…that’s not really a problem…right?

What are some of your favorite home-related Amazon products that we need to try out?

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