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Thanks to Blizzardgeddon 2016 here on the East Coast, I’ve had some time to do some upgrading to this little blog of mine.

And yes, we survived fine.  We have about 31 inches of snow outside of our house, my car and Devon’s car are both collectively buried (and yes, my hole left by the large flying object has been repaired so I got my car back right before the blizzard came) in the snow because they have yet to plow our development or the street attached to us.  So we’ve been hunkered down since Friday.  We’re just waiting for them to call school off for tomorrow, too.

But anyway, I’ve been wanting to do some remodeling around here and I’ve been trying to determine what I actually want my focus to be here.

So I’ve already started making some changes, mostly behind the scenes with hosting and server upgrades and things like that.  I am also planning on changing the layout, which you might already see as different by the time you read this.  I want it to be a bit more open and bright and just….different than it is now.

There will be some other changes happening.  There will be a couple of posting series’ that I’m working on and a couple of new features that I’m really excited about.  There might even be a couple other surprises here and there but you’ll just have to wait to find out.

So you might start seeing some visible changes sooner rather than later and hopefully I can get the entire revamp done as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Thanks for the continued support!!

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