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Erin Condren Rose Gold Unboxing!


YAY!!!!!  My new toy finally arrived!! And it’s perfect!!!

I got the text notification while I was at school that said my package was delivered and I was like….”see ya tomorrow!”

Kinda….Sorta….I mean it’s only in-service this week so I can really leave whenever I want to.  No one was mad at me or anything.

And I did take a bunch of pictures because excited.  Check out under the cut for those who want to see the pretty!!

I was so excited when I saw this sitting at my door.          

Erin Condren always has such pretty packaging.  It just makes you feel like you’re getting something special when you open the box.


It came with it’s bookmark/ruler, a perpetual calendar and random stickers and notecards.

So I’ve heard a lot of people having issues with the coils being a little wonky, which people are mad about.  Which, I understand but….yeah.  Mine was a little longer than it needed to be, which was keeping it from laying flat initially.  But I just unbent the longer coil just a little and it lays perfectly flat, now.  So, if you had the issue, try playing with the coil for a minute, it might just be curled up too much.

Then, just wanted to give a preview of the inside.  There is a page in the front that you can use for goals, financial planning, track weight loss, whatever.  I’m not sure what I’ll use it for yet.  Maybe house saving, but we’ll see.

I got the 18 month planner, so I have the next….well….18 months in there Each month has a divider tab, a 2 page spread for the month and then weekly layouts.  The horizontal layout is what I was DYING for.  I’ve always liked EC planners, but hated how small the boxes were to write in.  Now, I can write things out easier and hopefully it’ll looker neater than my other planner was starting to look.

There’s a bunch of note pages in the back.  I usually scribble down reminders to myself back there or just randomly write stuff that I need to remember.  But it’s nice to have that space back there.  There’s also a folder in the back where I usually stick random receipts or papers that I know I’ll need again later.  I also stick a few sticker sheets that I have back there so that i don’t have to look for them later. Plus Erin Condren provides some stickers, which I like because I don’t always like my handwriting and it keeps me from having to write things.

There are some pre-filled stickers with things like birthdays and doctors appointments and days off, reminders, etc.  I thought I took a picture, but I guess I forgot in my excitement.

And in the very back after all of this, there is a cute little zipper pouch.  Some people keep pens and things in there.  I mainly just keep stickers and little odds and ends that will fall out anywhere else.  But Erin Condren also fills that little pouch with things that you can use with your planner, so it’s a cute little addition.

I am so happy with my new planner, I love the new layout.  The old layout just wasn’t working for me and I’m glad that they’re trying to please everyone’s needs in organization.

Plus, I actually really love the rose gold color.  It’s just pretty and delicate and I’m just really excited to use it.

Erin Condren has a huge line of stationary and organizers that are all just…beautiful.  They’re all very well made.  I am someone who uses a planner a lot and the two of hers I already have (that have been thoroughly used) are both still in great condition even with throwing them around in my bags often.

If you want to try a product, feel free to click through this link and you will earn a $10 credit towards your first purchase.  Her products are a little on the expensive side so saving $10 is awesome!  And you’ll usually receive another $10 off a purchase coupon when you get your first order that you can use on your next purchase!

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