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Food is love.

So, I like to eat. A lot. The good part is, I also really like cooking. Even better, I love and appreciate when someone cooks for me.

Devon also likes eating, and cooking and appreciates when someone cooks for him. We’re a little similar there, In Case you hadn’t noticed.

Because of this, we take turns cooking for each other. I cook one weekend, he cooks the next and so on. It let’s us both enjoy our loves of cooking and laziness. Because as much as I love cooking, I love the weekends I get to just sit on the couch and enjoy the kitchen aromas, too.

This weekend is Devon’s weekend to cook and I will admit, he has some serious chops in the kitchen (and not just the pork ones, which are also good). He gives me a run for my money in there. And as most women will tell you there is almost nothing more attractive a man who knows his way around a kitchen.

We love chicken in our house. In fact half of our freezer is dedicated to various parts of chicken. We could eat it daily. Tonight, Devon decided to make fried chicken wings. Zomggggg…..


Not the best picture, photographically speaking, but they were amazing! Perfectly fried (yes, we have a deep fryer), coated and seasoned with so much flavor. I couldn’t get better chicken in a restaurant. I ate four of them and they were huge wings. There are three left, I might go eat another.

The bad part? He’s refusing to tell me he’s secret season blend. :sigh: Meanie. I’ll get it out of him; one day.

Tomorrow is apparently his favorite homemade chili. I’m already hungry.

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