My Goofiest Wedding Purchase So Far + Shoes

First of all, before I get to wedding stuff, I want to point out that it’s supposed to be sunny in Baltimore today.  After the insane winds and random rainy and doom and gloom of the past day or so, that’s pretty nice.

Back to my regularly scheduled programming….I was out yesterday, because spring break is nice and real, trying to get some shopping done.  Some of it is wedding related, some of it is just stuff that we need for the house, etc.

I stopped in Sears while I was out by White Marsh yesterday, which is not a store I frequently shop in, but since I’m on the hunt for some of the most random things ever, I figured the one store I don’t stop in would wind up being the store that had what I needed.

I forgot that Sears actually carries more than appliances and home stuff.  The Sears near me in Columbia used to carry all sorts of stuff, but it was downsized to one floor a year or so ago and mostly just sells appliances, Lands End clothing and assorted housewares.  So, when I saw a whole floor of just clothing and shoes and whatnot yesterday, I stopped in to check it out.

Me being me; when I saw a rack that had 70% off scarves on it; I happily stopped and explored (because even in a coma I would stop for 70% off scarves).  In my exploration; I found these two scarves:

bridal scarves

And yes, I did buy them both.

It is, by far, the goofiest purchase I have made so far in this wedding planning.  Really, again, I’m me; it fully makes sense I should have a bridal scarf (or two) and it also makes perfect sense that I’m probably going to wear both of these, and probably only these, until June and probably even into the fall of next year.  It’s just who I am.

Best part? Again, they were on the 70% off rack; I got both for $5.

Devon saw them last night and I think questioned his choice in marital partner for a moment but he remembered…again…who I am so he wasn’t surprised by it.

I think they’re hilarious.  And hell if I could get away with wearing one on my wedding day, I probably would.

On the subject of the wedding, I think I’ve determined shoes (which we know I’m not a big shoe person.

I think I’ve decided on blue shoes.


Hear me out!

Everyone else in the wedding party has blue on in some aspect (since it’s our main color) except for me.  My dress is ivory, any accessories are silver/clear…nothing on me is blue and I feel slightly out of place for it.

I don’t want to be dripping in blue; that’s not appropriate here.  But I feel like blue shoes; especially since my dress will cover them most of the time, will be a cute way to incorporate the blue into me without it being hugely off-putting.

Now, it’s just finding the right blue shoe that I’m struggling with.  There are a lot of bright blue spikey heels, but I’m not a heels kind of girl.  Plus, if I want them on for any longer than five minutes, I’d rather they be flats.

I was originally considering TOMS but I feel like that’s a bit more casual than I’m going for.

I’m thinking something along these lines:

blue wedding shoes

I love that they are blue but are a bit open so that the blue isn’t overpowering.

Plus, it would be my something blue, which would be helpful.

I’m going to shop around and see if I can find anything in stores I like before I shop online because I am very much someone that needs to try things on before I buy them, especially when it comes to shoes.

If anyone has suggestions, I’m more than open to them! I’ll take online or in store; just don’t make them cost me $1000.  That’s not how I live my life.

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