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Happy Day After Christmas

Probably the best way I can describe to you, how my Christmas was, is to just show you this picture…


Let me just say, at this point, I’m fine and I have been crossing all of my body parts that I stay that way.  And the rest of this blog could be a little gross, so just a warning if you have issues with that.  
But Devon’s stomach was bugging him a bit Christmas Eve; nothing major just a little off. And we both have irritable stomachs, so it’s not a huge red flag for either of us.  

About an hour after we went to sleep, I was awoken by these loud and painful….noises coming out of our bathroom.  And those noises continued intermittently for most of the night.  

It was good times. 

And I am almost deathly afraid of throwing up.  I can hear other people do it and even see it and not freak out, but when it comes to me throwing up… freaks me out so much.  And I feel guilty because he’s in the bathroom, sounds like he’s dying, meanwhile I’m sitting in bed having a panic attack at the thought of me following suit.  

Luckily for me, Devon is not someone who likes having people around when he throws up, so I can stay in bed and just wait for him to be done.  Plus, he knows it freaks me out and he respects that (he also respects the fact that when we have children he’s probably going to be the sole cleaner upper of them and he’s okay with that.  It doesn’t bother him the way it does me.  It’s one of those nice ways that we balance each other out.  

But back to Christmas…

I wound up spending most of Christmas morning completely disinfecting the entire house and doing several loads of laundry, along with trashing some things because it’s just not worth trying to wash anything out.  Like i’m just throwing out our bathroom rugs (they were inexpensive when we moved in, so replacing them isn’t a big deal to me).  He made this huge batch of cookies, like I mentioned before, that I just threw all out because no one should eat those.  There were a few other things that I threw out just because he’d had so much contact with it the day or so prior and it just wasn’t worth trying to save it.  

So yeah….that was my holiday.  Our gifts to each other haven’t even been opened yet.  

He’s up sipping chicken broth now.  He hasn’t thrown up since early yesterday morning, so I’m hoping he’s out of the woods.  I’m also really hoping he doesn’t have that bug that’s going around where it kind of “re-activates” a couple of days later.  He looks better and is acting more like himself, which is making me happy.  

I’m still going to repeatedly disinfect the shit out of this house though for the next couple of days.  

I’m gonna really need him to stop getting sick over school breaks, though.  I’m not about this life.  

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