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Holiday Weekend Shorts

*I love long weekends.

*Since it’s now September, I really want it to be fall.  Like…really….REALLY badly.  I’m almost angry that it’s still hot out, that’s how deep the autumn love is here.  I really want to start burning my apple cinnamon candles, but I feel like that might make me angrier.

*I did, however, switch my closet over to fall today.  I purged some of it, too, since it was ridiculously full in some areas.  I listed a bunch of stuff on my Poshmark account if you are interested in checking anything out. Most things are either in new condition or very gently used.

*Now that school is back in session, I’m doing a “No Spend September”.  I have the same issue each year where I tend to spend more money in the summer; probably because I don’t have as much work to occupy me.  So, I feel like I need a detox of spending.  While my goal is to do the whole month, I’ll break it into weeks which always feels more attainable for me.  Obviously, I still buy things like groceries and essentials, but nothing else.  It always amazes me how much money I have when I’m more aware of what I’m spending.

*I have my yearly check up on Wednesday, which I’m so looking forward to!  :end sarcasm:  Those are so much fun.  While I enjoy my doctor; I don’t enjoy seeing her.  Luckily, though, I am her first patient after dinner (my appointment is at 5:00) so hopefully I won’t have to wait a long time and can get home without a whole lot of issues.

*My other half finally goes back to work with actual children this week.  It’ll be nice to wake up at the same time again.  It’ll make me getting dressed in the morning a lot easier, since I’ll be able to have our bedroom light on.  I can’t tell you half the guessing games I’ve had to play in my closet because the room has been mostly dark because someone is still asleep.  And I’m not one who can pick out clothes the night before; it just doesn’t work for me.

*Three day weekends are life.  Tonight feels like Saturday night, which makes me really happy since it’s actually Sunday.

*Devon and I watched a Kevin Hart special tonight on Netflix.  At the end he did this bit about Starbucks that was so on point, I immediately found a YouTube clip of it and sent it to a couple of my Starbucks obsessed friends.  Starbucks scares me; no lie, and it’s like Kevin understood my fear.  #Dunkinforlife . See for yourself:


Enjoy the extra day off tomorrow! 

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