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I hate shoes….

I really do.  I hate shopping for shoes more than wearing them.

Mainly, I hate my feet.

I’ve had several foot surgeries over the year so I can’t wear heels anymore and I can’t wear super tight shoes because they hurt more than they’re supposed to.  When I’m not at work, I typically either wear my beloved Converses, TOMS, or flip-flops in the summer. Pretty simple and easy.

But I can’t wear those to work all the time because I need to look professional and all.  I found a couple pairs of shoes about two years ago that have worked really well for school; one pair in black and a pair in chocolate brown.  Perfect!  They work with everything.

Well, constant 40 hour+ per hour wear and they’re both finally dying.  In fact the black pair have already rolled over and just gone kaput.  The brown ones are on their deathbed but haven’t let go yet so I’m still wearing them.

But I HATE shoe shopping.  Literally, all I need is one pair of black flats and a pair of brown ones and it’s horrifying.  I’ve been searching for a couple weeks and I thought I found workable flats about a week ago.  I ordered them, got them, and they make my feet hurt, so they’re being returned and I’m back at square one.

Worst part is, I still want the shoes to be at least…a little…cute?  I mean I will wear them often and while comfort takes precedence, a little bit of cute would be nice.  I’d also like to not spend a crap ton of money on them, if possible (it’s ridiculous how expensive some flats are!).  Maybe I’m just asking/looking for too much.

I mean, these are kinda cute? Maybe? They’re Dr. Scholl’s so they should be comfy, I’m guessing?

Dr. Scholl’s Fielding Flats


Or even these?

Kenneth Cole Reaction Flats



Anyone willing to help me out here, I’m more than willing to accept the assistance because I clearly need some help.

Shoes suck.

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