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Mr. 32

Mr. Domestic is getting old.  He turned 32 yesterday.  Super SUPER old.

I always like to tease him on his birthday because it officially puts me as two years younger than him (for like 5 months), but it’s a teasing I enjoy greatly.

Devon doesn’t typically ask for much on his birthdays; he’s not a big birthday guy.  He’s not like me, where I believe my birthday should be a national holiday.  But usually, when he does want something, he’s pretty specific and direct about it.

He didn’t really want a gift this year.  I asked him a few times what he wanted and there wasn’t really anything specific he could think of.  He bought a couple more anime series’ for himself (which I never buy him anyway) so he’s like, “you really don’t have to get me anything”.

What he wanted, instead, was basically a weekend of all of his favorite foods (and to see the new Wolverine movie, “Logan”).  Obviously, he has varied tastes and I can’t make EVERYTHING he likes in one weekend, that’s just insane, but we were able to do a nice weekend Devon’s Favorite Food Binge.

Now, it’s not all the healthiest things in the world.  I’ll rightfully admit that right now.  But we have been eating pretty healthy lately, for the most part; I’ve even gotten him to eat spinach three times in the past two weeks.  So, a splurge weekend isn’t such a bad thing. It was pretty much a four day weekend splurge, but again, we don’t eat like this often…or really hardly ever.

We started for dinner on Friday night.  We spent most of the afternoon with my mom and her doctor’s appointment and some time with her.  And then we stopped for dinner on the way home at Popeye’s.  I get that Popeye’s isn’t really a “special occasion” type of establishment for most people.  But, we don’t have one close by to where we live, in fact the closest is about 15 miles away and our in a weird area that we don’t go to much.

Devon’s always loved Popeye’s and the fact that he rarely eats it anymore (it’s literally like 2-3 times a year now) makes it a special occasion for him.  And I have to admit, I really do love their fries.  So, we had dinner there and Devon actually brought some extra home with him to nosh on throughout the weekend.

Saturday, I made him my Linguine with Sausage and Peppers for dinner, which he loves. He claims that pasta is one of the reasons why he’s marrying me.  I’m pretty sure we’d get married without it, but I’m glad he enjoys it as much as he does.  It’s one of those dishes that works perfectly for both of us; it aides my pasta weakness and has meat and a lot of spice for him.

To cool down the spice, I actually made a cake batter ice cream.  Yup, I’m that domestic (ha ha) that I made ice cream; he didn’t really want a cake this year (which is fine because I hate baking, but you gotta have some kind of dessert).  Devon got me the ice cream bowl attachment to our KitchenAid for my birthday last year because I’d wanted it for years. Ironically enough, I’ve only used it like once since I got it.  Not because I don’t want to use it, but just because we have a relatively small freezer and you have to keep the bowl in the freezer for about 15 hours before using it, and we just don’t always have the space in there for it. But it was really good.  I found this recipe for it on Pinterest and it was really easy.  I think I might try heavy cream next time instead of half and half, but it was good.

Sunday, I threw my “signature” Pot Roast in the crock pot for dinner, AKA one of the other BIG reasons why he’s marrying me.  There is some truth to finding a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach; especially with Devon.  This is the one thing I could probably make him weekly and he would love me for.  I won’t make it weekly, but I could as far as he is concerned.  He asks me for it all the time, so much that I started buying the big double packs of chuck roasts at the store because I know I’ll make another one soon enough.

Which brings us to the birthday boy’s actual birthday.  We were both off for various reasons (mostly because he took off and because I had a day worked in already) so we saved the bigger splurges for Monday.

The day started with the breakfast of champions….Krispy Kreme donuts.  Again, no not healthy but also something he gets so rarely because there aren’t a ton of locations or places that carry them near us.  So, kinda like Popeye’s, what’s normal for most is a treat for him.  He had a couple of his beloved cream-filled Krispy Kreme’s while watching one of the new anime’s he just got last week.  And because it was his birthday, I didn’t roll my eyes at his DVD choice.

We went to see “Logan”, which was REALLY good.  We actually went to a completely different theater than normal because it was near where we were going for dinner and, according to Devon, this theater has the world’s best movie theater popcorn.  He wasn’t wrong, either, you don’t even need a lot of butter on this popcorn and it’s good.  Just a little hit of salt and it was pretty tasty.  If you’re local to Baltimore, it was the Hoyt’s West Nursery Cinemas in Linthicum; highly recommend if you’re a movie popcorn snob.

Then we went down the street to one of our mutually favorite restaurants; Chili’s.  It’s just good.  I can’t describe it any other way.  We got a couple of drinks (which you saw if you’re following me on Instagram now; if you’re not, you’re welcome to start doing that with the little button on the right sidebar) because while yes it was a Monday, it was his birthday. You deserve a drink on your birthday.

And the food is just good.

I mean:


It was some good stuff.

So, it was a good weekend, a much needed good weekend.  It makes me happy to think that I’ve spent about 13 or 14 birthdays with him at this point, in one way or another and I can’t wait to spend another 90 or so with him.

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  1. I wouldn’t dare tease my husband about our age difference because he is about 20 years older than me:).

    It is great you’re preparing him some of his favourite meals for the weekend. That’s such a sweet and romantic thing to do. For me something like that is much more valuable than any present.

    Today most of us can afford presents of some kind for each other…but we often forget to afford each other time..and that is something truly priceless.

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