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My Furball

I had to take my little furball Maya to the vet yesterday, which is never a pleasant experience for either of us.

She not only hates being in a carrier, she hates being in the car even more and she, obviously, doesn’t like the vet.  She wants none of it.  She absolutely hates being outside or the thought of it.

The experience stresses her out and it stresses me out because I have to listen to her cry the entire car ride to and from along with random wailing once we’re there.  Though I do play Paul McCartney/Wings and that seems to calm her down a little in the car.  Not sure why, but  hey, whatever works, right?

But like I said, it’s not pleasant.

I took her, for years, to a vet hospital in Catonsville, mostly just because they were great and we’d used them for years.  Even a 20 minute car ride seemed worth it (even though she wailed the whole time).  But her vet left the facility and I just wasn’t as happy once she left. So, I found a vet called Hickory Ridge Animal Hospital that is literally 6 minutes away from our house and it had amazing reviews.

Let me tell ya, 6 minutes of wailing was better than 20 (even with Paul McCartney).  They were SO nice and the office was super tiny and really homey looking, which seemed to make Maya a little calmer.  There were no dogs roaming around like at our Catonsville vet and we were actually taken back as soon as we got there.

The vet was so nice and calm, which is good for my old little hyper girl.  She examined Maya and gave her a couple of shots and we were on our way.  Maya didn’t even make a peep when she was feeling around her belly or anything.  That’s different for her.  The vet gave her a clean bill of health (she just needs a dental cleaning) and said for a 15 year old cat, she’s pretty damn healthy and spry; which makes me happy.

And I knew that.  I really only had to take her to the vet because our management company that we lease our apartment from sold the property or something to a new company.  And the new people are requiring all pet owners to have a vet-verified letter on file of your pet’s breed, weight and up-to-date shot record to make sure no one has restricted breeds living there.

Again….I have a cat….a fully indoor cat.  She’s not a restricted breed.  She’s just a mouthy little tortie. But, I had to take her anyway so we would be “compliant with our lease”. Insert eyeroll here.  So, I took my little old cat out just to get a vet to tell them the same thing a picture would tell them.  Which I also have to provide a picture of her.  So, the whole excursion seems kind of pointless to me.  But, whatever.

I also have pictures, though.  Since ya know….gotta be lease compliant (insert another eye roll).

The vet and nurse were gushing over how pretty she was.  And she is a pretty cat, she is a little prissy, too.  It’s like she knows she’s pretty so she thinks she can act special.  She’s snooty like that.

If you’re not a cat fan, you’re probably just going to want to click out of here now, because I’m going to cute cat spam you now.

You’re welcome for those that love cats like I do.


She was posing last night, when she finally stopped hating my guts for taking her to the vet. Seriously, when we got home, she went right over to Devon’s lap and purred just like a child who is mad at Mommy for saying “no” and hoping that if they’re cute, Daddy will say “yes”.   He responds to her “Did Mommy do mean things to you?” in a bit of a baby voice.  You can see how my life will be once we have kids, right?


She is a total lap cat and she loves her daddy.  This was not last night, but about a week or so ago. Cats are more important than Kindle’s, Dad.


Her priss pose.  When she’s like “yup, I’m pretty, now bring me grapes and peel them, human.”


Also, kind of obsessed with my bathrobe.  Anytime I have it on, she’s ultimately sitting on part of it.  I get her obsession, though, it’s super soft and comfy.  For her prissy butt, the softer the better for her to sit on.


Her face here just makes me chuckle.  She was sitting off to the side of me.  She’s very needy of attention (which is the total opposite of most cats) and usually likes to come and beg for attention when Devon or I are on our electronic devices.  She’s like “hi…the cat is here…put this crap down”.

Also, outside of her white whiskers, you wouldn’t really be able to tell that she’s about 15 years old. She’s not gray or anything.  She still looks like a young cat.


She has a weird obsession with electronics in general.  I can’t have my laptop open without her staring at it.  She’s an odd little cat.

That’s my baby.  I love her even though she meows a lot and really fails at being a cat (meaning she comes when you call her and doesn’t chase things well).  She’s a goof ball and she fits in perfectly in our weird house.  If I could have her another 15 years I’d be perfectly happy.

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