Devon Organization

Oh no…..

So, um……

I think I may have created a bit of a monster.




Now, if you remember, I said on Monday that neither Devon nor I had been to the store recently, nor were we going anytime soon, and I will say, we are out of quite a bit at this point.  But, we’re still making do until tomorrow.  Devon and I both have department meetings after school so neither of us will be home until late anyway.

But anyway, that’s not the point.

Last night, we were figuring out dinner and decided to both finish off the spicy sausage pasta sauce that he made over the weekend.  (Devon’s spicy sausage is AMAZING!….seriously…I’d marry him just for that sauce, but it’s his super secret sauce so I’m not allowed to know what’s in it, which is lame.) We were looking in the closet for some pasta with it.  Devon prefers rotini for his stuff but we used the rest when he originally made it Sunday.  He then asked for long spaghetti noodles, which we used the rest of when I made meatballs the previous weekend.


This man says….

“You know what we need?  We need like a list right here (as he pats the back of the cabinet door) of just….’stuff to buy when we don’t have it anymore’ or something like that so that we don’t run of this stuff.Then we one of us goes to the store we can check the list and get the stuff that we don’t have.”

(I promise his vocabulary skills are more diverse than this, but he’s been proctoring state tests all week, they kill brain cells.)

I just stared so blankly at him for like 30 seconds, to the point that he questions why I’m staring, and I’m just like “who are you, sir?  I like it, but who are you?”

“You know what I mean, like a pantry staple list or something.  I’m sure there’s something for it on Pinterest.”


I legit asked him if he hit his head at some point during the day.  He normally like gives me side eye for all my lists and things and for my Pinterest use!

So, I told him he can come up with the list, but I’ll make it pretty.  He actually said “okay”.

Seriously.  He must have hit his head.

Now if he actually does it….I might need to  be sitting down for that.

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