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Random Sunday Musings

Good lord we already have wasps outside.  There are currently four just circling the overhanging outside my living room window. I guess those couple 80 degree days we had last week woke them up. Yay.

It’s Game of Thrones night again!!!!

I used to watch awards shows all the time. Now I’m like why do they exist. And why does TV Land have it’s own award show just to honor other shows on other networks?  Makes zero sense to me.

So what is sexier than a man who can cook?  A man who cleans up after himself!  Yes!  I’m a clean as I go person when I’m cooking because to me it seems easier. Devon is very much not. It kinda took a minute to get used to it. Because my initial reaction is to clean it all as soon as I’m done. But I’ve learned to leave it and he will clean it.  And he will do all of it. He will wipe down the counters, scrub the stove, all of it. See what happens when you don’t have to control everything?

Devon’s and I also determined that we have to have an Auggie Matthews when we have a son. If you watch Girl Meets World (best show since Boy Meets World, of course) you know Auggie is the cute and witty little boy of Cory and Topanga. He also has a desire for pirates and wearing vests and suspenders improperly.

Our son will always have suspenders on. Always.

Any future daughter also needs a Farkle.

If Devon had his way our Auggie would turn into Farkle. But no. Farkle can be separate.

But we’re so getting an Auggie. So so much.

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