Saturday Shorts

Saturday Shorts (food edition)


*All the foods.  I want them. I started to feel mostly better around Tuesday but it wasn’t until like later in the day on Thursday when I could eat “normally”.  Meaning, I could eat without feeling bloated or unbelievably full afterwards.

*Devon is cooking this weekend and he asked me if I had any special requests for dinner and for once I actually said “we don’t need a pasta kind of night”.  I PROMISE I’m not sick anymore. But, because pasta and rice are essentially all I’ve been able to stomach when I could get food down for almost a week,  I felt something heartier was more appropriate.  So, tonight he’s making steak tips (granted they’re over rice, but all of the steak sauce and peppers soaks into the rice and makes it amazingly delicious).  Tomorrow night are my favorite BBQ ribs.    I am so excited.

*Yesterday….OMG YESTERDAY, I had the best lunch EVER! I work with a really good friend of mine (seriously, we’ve been friends for several years, long before she started at my school; I call her the female version of Devon)  and she “forced” me to go out and get lunch with her at this food truck that she loves that just happened to be parked at the hospital across the street from us.  As soon as we got there my eyes were glued to their sign for crab tacos (so of course I got them).  You guys….look at these things (with an extremely un-staged picture because the urge to devour these was strong)

They were so good!  We’re in MD, so obviously it was jumbo lump fresh crab meat, cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, and this spicy aioli, which sort of lit my mouth on fire but it was so good that I kind of didn’t care.  If you live anywhere near the Baltimore area, you need to go “like” the Gypsy Queen Cafe Food Truck on Facebook so you can go find them.  They actually have two trucks and appear to be opening a restaurant soon, too.  You won’t regret it.

*I have this weird thing when I get stomach viruses or sick to my stomach in some way (luckily it doesn’t happen that often) that I start craving the most random things.  You’d think food woould be the last thing on my mind, but I always seem to start thinking about one thing I either haven’t had in a really long time or some restaurant, and the craving just stays until I finally do something about it.  This time, I am craving Taco Bell like a mad woman.  I was kind of hoping that I was just jonesing for Mexican food and that the tacos yesterday would clear that up; but it’s clearly Taco Bell that I want, not just tacos.  I haven’t had Taco Bell in YEARS. I ate it all the time in college (having one on campus and it being allowed in my meal plan made it pretty easy) but eventually just got tired of it, so it’s been a long time since I’ve had it.  But, I’m pretty sure I won’t be happy until I have a chicken quesadilla from Taco Bell sometime soon.  We have all half days next week for midterms so I foresee a lunchtime Taco Bell run happening. And then, knowing me, it’ll be another several years before I eat it again.

*So, yeah, I’m pretty much on an eat-all-the-foods (but trying to do it in moderation) thing right now.  After almost two weeks of barely eating anything, I just want to enjoy the fact that I can eat again without feeling sick.  I am eating healthy things, though, too because I’m trying to get my immune system back up to full strength.  So, I got some bananas, probiotic yogurt, and oranges at Wegman’s yesterday.  All of this other nastiness neeeds to pass me.  Two weeks of this was enough.

Have a healthy and safe weekend!!

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