Saturday Shorts


*3 day weekends are lovely.  It’s so nice to know that I have another day after today to finish getting myself together.  It’s especially good because I did all of the nothing today. It’s good times.  I feel like I’ve been moving non-stop for close to a month so a day of nothing is good.

*If you watched my IG stories the other day you will have heard my complaining about my current “diet”. I finally went to my doctor for my stomach issues and she thinks it could be one of a few things….none of these things I like.  They include dairy intolerance, gluten intolerance, or even gallbladder issues.  The likelihood of gallbladder is pretty slim since I only have two of the most common symptoms that could also be 100 other things.  My doc did, however, do a blood test to check everything and I’ll know those results on Tuesday.  But for now, I’m off all dairy for two weeks to see if it helps.  It’s hell.  I love all dairy.  Not having milk makes me sad.


*I’m having to be quite creative in my food choices now.  So much has some sort of milk or dairy products in them.  Even my beloved salt and vinegar Pringles claim to contain milk (somehow).  I bought a bunch of things to meal prep some stuff for the week.  I’ll do some turkey roll-ups, pasta salad (obviously not a creamy one), egg salad – which will satisfy my need for creamy things without dairy, and BBQ chicken that I’ll prep all up tomorrow.  I’m a “nosher” so I like snacks; so I got some pretzels, pita chips, hummus, Veggie Straws, animal crackers, graham crackers, and granola bars (without chocolate/dairy, obvi.).  AND DOUBLESTUFF OREOS!!!  They don’t actually have milk in them! Yes they’re loaded with sugar and other things but no milk….I need a little bit of food love throughout this, okay? Don’t judge me…I bought two packages…….and no one is allowed to touch them.

*It has been so cool and fall-like here the past couple of days.  It’s making me so happy.  I have not worn a scarf yet but that’s taken a lot of self-restraint.  Of course now that I would totally go to work and rock one on Tuesday it’s going to be like 85 degrees, so that won’t happen, but it shouldn’t last long.  I am however switching into my fall purse this weekend!  It’s one I’ve had for a few years and that I haven’t actually used in a couple years but it’s gorgeous and I’m excited to switch into it.

*We’re finally getting out save-the-dates mailed out. Devon needs to finish getting addresses for some of his people, but they’re pretty ready to go.  Devon and I stuffed and labeled most of them last night.  He was taking the job so seriously; it was adorable.  He wanted to make sure all the labels were on straight and that the invitations were in appropriately.  I just started doing it rather absent-mindedly last night and he’s all “well hand some of them over here…..they’re mine too, you don’t have to do them all by yourself”.  Now he needs to get on the addresses so we can mail them all out.

Now back to our Supernatural binging.

Have a great long weekend!!


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