Saturday Shorts


*I feel so productive today.  Not only have we already had brunch (and cleaned all the things up from it), I also meal prepped, vacuumed/mopped, have a load of laundry going, wiped down the kitchen, and organized all the things already and it’s not even 2pm yet.  I still need to wipe down the bathroom, but it’s the thing I HATE doing.  IT’s the reason why I would be all about a cleaning service.  I could live happy never cleaning another bathroom ever again.  I also have some work I need to get done for the week, but I can do that on my laptop on the couch, so not too shabby.

*Devon and I spent most of yesterday out running errands, we went out to breakfast, went to the movies, etc.  That was tiring.  Partially because we wound up spending about an hour in Walmart…which was not part of the plan.  We went to breakfast and we decided to stop in Walmart because Devon is in charge of the PBIS committee and the team wanted to get a few big ticket items to raffle off to the kids in a couple weeks as an incentive.  Since he was purchasing items for school, he also had the school’s tax-exempt card, which you normally just show at checkout and they input the number and take the tax off.  Apparently, Walmart has their own tax exempt system, so to use it, you have to take your institution information to customer service and they give you a specific Walmart card for it.  It took us a good 45 minutes to get this situated.  I had much compassion for the assistant manager handling it, though, because she clearly was the only one who knew what she was doing.  “Luckily” there were about three altercations between the customer service employees and customers to keep us entertained.

*We saw “It” yesterday.  It was really good.  Not super scary, but it did actually make Devon jump at one point, so that was a pretty decent win for me.  Apparently, I read later that John Oliver loves the story so much that he was actually an extra in a diner scene, but I don’t remember there being a diner scene in the movie? Maybe it got cut and will be in the eventual director’s cut, but I know if I saw John Oliver I would remember. #JohnOliverIsAFeminist (Last Week Tonight watchers will understand that.)

*Devon is sniffling a bit today which is making me go, “please no…not with the germs already?”  Odds are it’s probably allergies because he was legit fine until like two hours ago before I started dusting and all.  But, serious, though.  Between the two of us, we bring home enough germs every year, can we not be starting the trend already?

*If you’ve never had Pepperidge Farm’s French Toast Flavored Swirl bread, you’re missing out.  As meta as it sounds, it’s amazing to make french toast with.  We made a pile of bacon and that French toast for breakfast this morning and it was amazing!  It’s a favorite brunch for us.  I usually cook it up in the bacon fat which gives it a little extra crunch and flavor on the outside.



Alright, I must get the rest of my work done.  Have a great week everyone!

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