Saturday Shorts


*One of my bridesmaids is pregnant!!!  She finally told everyone today; she told me….almost a month ago and asked me to not say anything, which has been LITERALLY KILLING ME! Michelle is going to be the best Mom on the planet and I am so excited for her; I can’t wait for her to be a Mommy.  When she told me, she’s like, “so there’s gonna be two of us at the altar with you….”


I’m so excited. I can’t wait to see her and her little baby bump.

*My cat is currently propping up my phone.  She decided she had to sit next to me while I’m here on the couch; mainly sit in front of my phone while I was trying to watch Instastories (I know it’s riveting viewing choices here), so I propped my phone up on her and she doesn’t seem to mind.  Or at least she probably doesn’t mind…maybe…she’s not growling at me, so there’s that.

*I realized after I finished that bullet point that my hair had been up drying in the towel for almost an hour, so I took a break to go dry it.  My hair never needs to be up in a towel that long…no one’s hair does, really.  I also probably didn’t really need to tell you that because it’s not like you see me while I’m doing this. But, I said it, so there ya go!

*I’m on spring break now, which is probably why I’m a bit more random than normal.  I don’t have 10,000 things on my mind (just 9.000); so there is room for random.  Be prepared for the next week.

*I have a lot of stuff going on this week; a lot of stuff for the wedding, a lot of spring cleaning, a lot of stuff outside of the house that I never seem to get done any other time. A lot of you seem to enjoy my random storying on Instagram; there is almost never any rhyme or reason to my Instastories; they just…exist and apparently most of you find them hilarious. So, maybe since I’m not at work this week (and not around all kinds of confidential stuff that I can’t share) I’ll be on Instastories more and share the randomness that is my life.  We’ll see…I don’t always remember to be publicly random, so we’ll see….

Okay, I’m going to get started to on what I need to get done today; hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend! 

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