Saturday Shorts


*This week is going to be painful.  It’s the first five day week we’ve had in about two weeks and it’s the beginning of the second quarter, and personally, I have to do Guidance Lessons the next two days.  So….I’ll be happy to get through this week and get to the weekend.

*IT’S COLD AND I AM HAPPY!  That is all….

*A friend and I are heading to Frostburg for the night in a couple of weeks and I are so excited.  It’s also very timely because I need to replenish my Frostburg apparel.  Most of the stuff I’ve had for at least ten years and some of it is just now starting to die off/wear out; which isn’t bad considering how often I’ve worn a lot of it.  So I want a new hoodie and a few new shirts and whatnot.

*My cat is being extra needy today.  I don’t know why, but she’s literally just gone between my lap and Devon’s lap for the past two hours.

*Am I the only one who gets super excited for vacuum lines/triangles/etc? I feel like such an old person saying that but I love seeing it on my carpet.  I always feel like my house feels so much cleaner just from vacuuming/cleaning the floors so seeing those marks just makes me happy.  I know I’m weird, it’s okay.

*I have found the best gluten-free cookies, I could ever ask for.  They don’t taste like they are gluten-free; they actually taste like their “normal” counterparts. Like I have the fudge stripes; THEY ACTUALLY TASTE LIKE KEEBLER FUDGE STRIPES! I posted them on my Instagram a few days ago; I’ve gone through a box and a half since then (don’t judge me; I haven’t eaten a cookie in almost a year) and I’m buying them forever and always.  They are called GoodieGirl Cookies; you can buy them at Whole Foods….they are life.  Go buy some.  I’m planning on doing an actual post on them later, but for now…just trust me.



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