Saturday Shorts

Sick Saturday Shorts

*Yup.  My life since…..probably Monday. 

*Apparently there are several different strains of stomach bugs going around. I don’t have the one Devon did, but I do have one of them. This one doesn’t come with vomiting (which is lucky for me) it does however come with random bouts of intense nausea where you do feel like you’re going to throw your life up.  But you don’t.  But along with that is also intense stomach rumbling, lack of appetite and some other…fun things…that we don’t need to talk about.  This has basically been my life since Monday.  Wednesday, before I realized that this is a stomach bug, I thought I was better and in fact I was ravenous, so I actually ate the first full meal at dinner that I’d consumed since Monday.  By Thursday morning that was a huge mistake. In the time between Thursday morning and this morning, the only thing I was able to consume was one sleeve of saltines, water, and ginger ale. And yes, that says one sleeve of saltines. That’s all I had for two days. 

*I’ve actually had a few saltines and half of a dry bagel today.  I haven’t had intense nausea since Thursday, only a little last night and it wasn’t that bad.  Still have most other things though.  Stomach rumbles are really not comfortable. 

*Af fiend of mine told me she had this and it lasted a good two weeks.  Another friend of mine works with someone who is also currently in the throws of it and has been suffering for a few days longer than me.  So I’m sitting at almost a week (because looking back, I think this may have been starting to work on me Sunday), I’m hoping that maybe I’m getting to the recovery end of this now.  Not that optimistic, but a little hopeful.  

*Worst part, I don’t feel sick.  There’s no fever, no aches, no signs of flu or anything; there’s none of that with this.  So, at first, I thought I just ate something that didn’t agree with me.  But when even stomach meds don’t help (and I think it might have actually made it worse for a minute), it’s something that just needs to work itself out.  

*Devon currently has a tickle in his throat and the sniffles.  So he’s been knocking cold medicine back all day.  Can we not spend all of winter just going back and forth with one of us sick? That would be nice, it’s really all I ask for.  Either that or we just need to move and start all over with no germs.  

*On the plus side, he finally finished Final Fantasy 15 this morning, so I don’t have to deal with it anymore.  YAY!

*I have so much food I want when I can eat again.  I actually have a list.  It’s kind of sad but food is life.  

*I think I’m going to try some plain white rice now. Doesn’t that sound exciting? All about the party train in this house tonight! 

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