Silver Linings

So, I’ve been trying hard to find the silver linings lately.  Life has just been kind of throwing me one thing after another and it’s annoying.

There haven’t been many but I am excited because I’m finally deciding to take a little much needed “me time” on Friday.  I have a conference to go to for most of the day, but I’m cutting out a little early to go and get my hair done/colored.  I’ve played with the idea of going to a deeper chocolate brown for a long time and I think I’m finally going to try it.

This is kind of what I’m looking for:


I talked to my hairdresser and she mentioned a color that’s a chocolate brown with some reddish undertones in it.  I’m not against that either.  I don’t want something drastically different, just a little umph for the old tresses.  

I’m kind of excited, though.  I didn’t tell Devon I was getting it colored, yet.  I want it to be a surprise.  He’s not one that freaks out at the thought of my hair being a different color (although darker brown isn’t really that “different”), so I think he’ll actually like it.  

I highlighted my hair blonde for YEARS and I liked it but it took forever when I finally let all of the bleaching/damage grow out and my hair looked super weird for awhile.  I thought about going back to that, but remembering the damage made me squash that idea pretty quickly.  

But, I need a change and I need a booster of some kind.  Hopefully it looks as great as I think it will.  

Now, I’m all about recommendations for a good color-treated shampoo, though. I haven’t had color-treated hair in a long time, so I’m out of verse with what to use.  Any suggestions????

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