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Social Media Bomb

I don’t think I will ever find a way to correctly express to “young” people that social media isn’t always a good thing.

Maybe the kids here finding out that we’re taking a student to the board for disciplinary action as a result of some of her Instagram posts will help.

It probably won’t though.

“I post questionable things but I know how not to get caught.”

No you don’t.

Internet intelligence fail.

I’m in the generation that started all this internet stuff and I don’t know how to “not get caught”.  Because there is no way to not get caught.  Once it’s out there, it’s out there for all to see.

Yes, I have a personal Facebook, Instagram, whatever else.  Will you find some questionable content on it?  More than likely; it depends on your definition of questionable.  Will you find half naked pics? No, though.  I’m still an educator after all.

Will you see me curse? Yes.  Will you see me post, possibly, insensitive or “morally” questionable memes? Yes.  My page and I have that right.

But never will I claim that no one will find out that I did it.  My Facebook is friends only but does that mean someone with good Google-fu won’t be able to find out what I put on there?  Of course it doesn’t.

Anyone can find out what they want.  People can even link other people to it.  Screen shots are awesome (which is why someone is now getting Board sanctioned disciplinary action).

Internet leaves no guarantees of any kind of privacy.  This generation is growing up so jaded to that fact.  They think the internet is safe and they won’t have any issues sharing everything because that’s the “culture” now.  Yeah, it is part of the culture due to the internet, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to exercise some self-control in what you share.  I don’t go posting a pic of any alcoholic beverages I have.  I’m an educator, so you can assume that I do have them, but it’s not everyone’s business when I do.

I just really need to, at some point in my career, figure out how to teach internet etiquette to teenagers in a way that they understand it.  I just do not know how.  Maybe John Goodman can help…

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