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Valentine’s day and Blizzardmageddon (lol)

So, neither Devon nor I are big Valentine’s Day people.  We aren’t going to make sure that we go to Hallmark a week in advance, buy out the Russell Stover chocolates collection or agonize over dinner reservations.  It’s just not how this works here.  People think I say that because Devon isn’t into it and I’m just “saving face”.  Honestly, it’s never been a huge thing to me.  It means I get to replenish our Hershey’s Kisses supply at $1/bag (because our Christmas stock just depleted and I hate spending $3-$4 a bag for Kisses) and that’s it.  We’re not into the commercialization of telling each other, “I love you”.

“But you two went away for Valentine’s Day last year!”.  Yeah, but it wasn’t necessarily for the holiday.  I’m pretty sure that would have happened regardless of the time of year.  We both just needed a couple days away to relax, veg out, play games, snuggle and recharge.  It really didn’t have anything to do with some national holiday.  

That being said, we did have a quiet day at home.  We watched some “romantic” movies (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is pretty romantic; how many guys would fight seven exes for the girl he likes?) and snuggled on the couch, I made a nice dinner, he made an amazing dessert, had a nice bottle of wine and some candles.  It was nice and quiet with some romantic threads in there.  Perfect, to me.

Devon’s Mom called yesterday, just to say “Hi” and whatnot.  She asked Devon if he got me anything for Valentine’s day to which he said no because he didn’t.  She’s like, “Well you at least got her a card, right?” “No.”  She was so upset.  I don’t need a card, it’s okay.  I promise.  I love her for being concerned.  Her son and I had a very nice day and that’s all a mother needs to know.  🙂

Currently we’re recovering from Blizzardmageddonpocalypse 2015.  LOOOOOOOL.


Depending on where in MD one lives, we were supposed to get anywhere from 8-12 inches around the state that was to start last night and go through late this afternoon.

Well it did start last night…but by the time I woke up this morning, it was bright and sunny outside.  We have maybe three inches outside, the most being around 5 inches in the state.  Schools are closed, which Devon and I are okay with.  But no blizzards here.  This is the point of winter where I say, “WHERE IS SPRING ALREADY!!” Last year we had blizzards weekly, which was annoying.  This year we just have the threat of them weekly.  Both are annoying.  I want warm weather and sun and maybe some rain and green grass again and to put my winter stuff away.  25 days until Orlando.  I keep reminding myself of that.

We even went to the grocery store yesterday because we were thinking they’re finally going to be right about a lot of snow this time.  We needed to be ready.  Yeah…….

At the end of the day we’re going to have a nice dinner of pork chops and mashed potatoes because, why not? But so much fail in winter this year.  So much fail.  If we’re lucky though, maybe we’ll get a delay tomorrow, so that I can sleep late again.  I don’t mind having to go to work, but I like going more when I can sleep later.

Today I’m going to continue lounging around, maybe straighten up and get some work done, but I’ll also likely nap on the couch at some point.  Best way to spend a snow day.

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