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Burt’s Bees Sensitive Night Cream

I’m really developing an odd love for Burt’s Bees products lately.  I’m still loving the exfoliating wipes that I mentioned in May, and now there is their night cream for sensitive skin. 

My birthday is in a week or so and on this birthday, I’ll be 29 years old. Part of me is all, “I’m too young for this night cream has already, I mean my mother wears night cream”.  But I also know that if I want the amazing skin my mother has and my grandmother had, I need to start taking care of it. Yes, there is some genetic factors there we all have rather oily skin and my family isn’t that prone to wrinkling in the face. But they still all, also, take care of their skin. 

I fully admit, I’m VERY guilty of the “my skin is oily so it doesn’t need any help in the moisturizing area” myth.  I do wear a light moisturizer during the day with an SPF but that’s all the moisturizing I do. 

All that was doing was contributing to my oily complexion.  Oily people need moisturizers too. If you take the moisturizer away, your face will produce more oil to make up for the moisture it isn’t getting. Ergo, greasy face by noon.  

People have been telling me that for years and I totally thought they we’re full of shit.  So I totally understand if you’re reading this and going, “omg, she’s lying so hard”. But it’s so true. 

On top of not really moisturizing, I also use harsh acids on my face. I use a strong potency solution of Retin-A at night and I use Acanya gel in the morning, both for acne. Both of which are harsh.  

Over the past couple months or so, I’ve had a lot of issues with flaking and peeling on my skin, especially around the mouth and nose.  A little on my cheeks, but not a lot.  But it was driving me crazy.  I started putting a little of my day moisturizer on after I used my Retin-A at night to see if that would help. It did, slightly. 

So I decided to try something more suited for night time. Now, I was very wary and very timid because of how oily my skin is. Last thing I wanted was to make it worse. I did some online researching for night time moisturizers for oily skin people like me.  A few brands popped up, all stuff I’d heard of before, all stuff that was pretty affordable (because I didn’t want to spend a lot initially in case it didn’t work) and pretty easy to find in stores. 

Then I read reviews.  I always take reviews with a grain of salt but when I got to the Burt’s Bees, it was the only product with almost glowing reviews.  Most people said how much it helped the dryness, it didn’t irritate and it didn’t cause breakouts. 



So, I went to Target (which we know I’m NEVER in there) and picked up a jar. It’s only about $15 and it’s a pretty decent sized jar, especially considering I only need maybe a quarter-sized drop of it a night. The jar will likely last a long time. It comes in a cute glass jar which makes it easy for me to leave it sit on the bathroom counter. 

The first night I used it, right after I put it on, my skin felt so soft. It was so different from how my skin usually felt right before I went to bed with the acne cream on my face.  I woke up the next morning and my skin still felt really soft. 

The real test to me would be when I put makeup on went out.  Because I use mineral makeup and primer and I can still get oily throughout the day, especially when it’s 90 degrees outside.  I went out the other day to run errands, did my morning face routine, put on primer, and put on my makeup.  By the time I got home that day, my face still looked like I just put my makeup on. Normally, it was already getting shiny/oily.  By the time I went to take my makeup off that night, it still looked like I just put it on. I was not shiny or oily, at all.  I was amazed. 

Apparently, my skin has been craving moisture. Since I started using this night cream, my skin is soft, it’s clearer, the flaking has decreased by about 75%, I’d say! and it’s much more balanced in terms of oil.  

I wanna keep touching my face and I know I shouldn’t!  But I can’t help it. It feels so good.  It makes me want to do my face routine (and I hate doing that) because it’s making my skin feel so good.  

It’s definitely something great to try if you have similar skin like mine, meaning you hate it want to have anyone else’s skin but yours.  You can get it online but I would say just run to Target and grab a jar.  Like now. Right now. 

Just go.

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