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Today is a bit of a sad day for me.

A year ago today, one of my students passed away (I talked about her here).  I actually forgot it was today until I went on Facebook this morning and everyone was recognizing the anniversary.  It’s not any easier to think of her passing a year later, it may never get easier.  But my heart and thoughts are with her family this morning as, I’m sure, they’re consumed with memory as well.

I also found out this morning that my college professor/advisor passed away yesterday from ALS.  Apparently he’d been quietly living with ALS for the past two years; most at Frostburg didn’t even know he had it.  He was only 59 years old.

So, I’m taking a quiet day today.  Despite it being a Jewish holiday (which means I technically don’t have to be at work today – since I’m a Jewish person who works at a Catholic school, I get “free” days for Jewish holidays; basically if I take the day off I don’t have to use personal time or whatever), I’m at work because I feel like it’s actually better for me to be here today instead of at home by myself.  Hopefully work can be a good distraction today, I could use it.

I’m leaving all of you today with one of my student’s favorite quotes; she lived by this and it’s something I need to live by more.


Rest easy, Nicole and Dr. Edwards.

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