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My Birthday = Unofficial End to Summer

I turned 29 this past weekend!!!  YAY!!!!!

Depending on who you are this is either my last fun birthday ever or the first awesome birthday I will ever have.

I have the friends that feel that turning 30 is the end of all life and friends who have said that turning 30 has been the best thing ever.  Turning 30 next year doesn’t bother me. I’m not a “party girl” and never have been so I don’t feel like turning 30 is like the end of my life or anything the way some do.  I’m very happy in my life the way it is, I don’t see that changing just because my numerical age changes.

On the other hand, I love my birthday gift, though.


I have an unnatural love of Alfred Hitchcock movies.  And to get my favorites in one collection made me giddy.

I’m randomly nerdy.  Get over it.

But now that my birthday has passed, it also means school is coming.  This is my (and Devon’s) last week of summer vacation.  We both have to go back to work next Monday and our students come back on the 24th.

I have sooooo much to do already.  It’s insane.  Part of me feels like I should go in one day this week but….vacation, no. And I was there two days last week.

But I have about 15 things on my to-do list in addition to the numerous professional development meetings I have to go to next week.  It will be long.

I want to do some shopping this week.  It’s tax-free week in Maryland and I got a ton of birthday offers so I want to try and use some of them and take advantage of no sales tax at the same time.  Devon and I are going to head up to Towson Town Mall on Friday. Back in the day when we both lived like 15 minutes from it, it wasn’t that big of a deal.  Now that we’re almost an hour away, it actually requires planning on our part to go up there.  So, we’ll go up there, see some of Devon’s ex co-workers (he worked at the Macys there for like five years after college/while he was getting his Masters), I’ll get my hair trimmed, do some shopping, and just make a day of it. It’s like our summer swan song.

That’s depressing.

Again, I do love my job, but it’s been nice to just kind of hang out for the past few weeks and not have to be up and running somewhere all the time.

It’s going to be a good school year for my school, though.  A lot of changes were made (good changes) and we are packed with events and guests coming to our school this year.  So I am going to be immensely busy, really soon.

I think I need to enjoy this last week of relaxation as much as possible.  I will need my strength for this upcoming school year.

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