Erin Condren krissyanne planner

Playing with my Erin Condren Planner

So, since July is here-ish, I finally get to play with my new planner!  Yay!!

I’m actually upset that I don’t have a lot to do this week.  I’m out of school, don’t have camp and just have a couple scheduled things to remember.  It makes me sad that I couldn’t use it more to start.

But there is so much more room in it.  I love that I can actually write things out and not waste a lot of room or get creative with how I have to lay it out.

This is my week so far:

Most of this week is just stuff I will do at home or people I need to call, etc.

Erin Condren planners are apparently “the it thing” for people who go all out decorating their planners and not just using them to write things down in.

I do enjoy when my planner is pretty, but too much pretty seems overwhelming to me.  I’ve seen pictures already where people have literally no “white space” in their week spread already because it’s covered with washi tape, stickers, pictures, etc.  That’s so cluttered and messy to me but to each their own.

I do appreciate a little decoration where it’s appropriate.  Like the “LOVE” sticker I have on Tuesday….is really just covering up a boo-boo on my part.  It wouldn’t be there if I hadn’t misspelled something and wanted to hide it.

I’m good with the more functional stickers because they either stand out or because it keeps me from having to write things (I don’t always like my handwriting).  As you can see, I’ve become rather partial to KrissyAnne stickers.  I really love the quality of her products and she’s just really great to deal with.  Some feel her stuff is a little on the expensive side, but I’ve gotten other sheets from other, more inexpensive sellers and I wasn’t happy with the quality.  Some of the stickers felt like they were going to rip before I even put them on the paper.  Hers are thick and durable, which I love. Her processing time is also, may be a little longer than most, but she also has a full-time job outside of her store and it’s worth the wait anyway. My best advice is if you browse her sticker site and see something you like, sign up for email notifications if its not in stock and she will likely stock it pretty quickly.  She doesn’t have a set re-stock schedule but pays close attention to the email notifications.  Anything I’ve wanted, I use the email feature and it’s usually stocked within 24 hours.

I do like a little bit of cute, so I’ve spotted some cute decorative stickers at Walmart and Target for about a dollar per sheet that I use for the cute.  Other than that, there’s not a lot of decoration.  It’s pretty but not cluttered.

I am very happy that I purchased the new horizontal planner.  It’s so much for functional than the old one.  And…it’s just pretty.  It’s really really pretty.

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