Recent Amazon Favorites

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve always done a lot of shopping on Amazon but being at home for the past couple of months has only increased the amount of Amazon packages that show up on our doorstep.

I thought I would share some of favorite recent Amazon purchases. I will warn you, though, we’re very random in our Amazon shopping. Just looking back at our recent shopping history, I’m just like if someone judged us by our orders….they would probably be extremely confused. There is no real pattern to our purchases; and most things are on a whim of “hmm…we don’t have…-enter this here-, we need to fix that”.

Though I’m pretty sure that’s everyone with Amazon.

(one) Bali Women’s Comfort Wire Free Bra It has been years since I’ve owned a bra without an underwire because I like the support of a wire usually. But being home; the underwire was killing me, so I tried this guy out and it’s amazingly comfortable. A lot of the time I actually forget that I’m wearing it.

(two) Comfort Spa Reading Pillow Devon bought this for when we go to bed and read before we go to sleep. He loves it. He uses it every night. It’s also really good for heartburn sufferers who can have reflux issues when they lay down. I will say, it’s not the prettiest thing in our room; but it works.

(three) Friskies Wet Food Variety Pack I mean…..the little old lady has to eat, right? I kid. Since we’ve been primarily using services like Instacart for groceries (that obviously costs a bit more than typically shopping in store), it’s actually cheaper to get her food on Amazon than to put it in our grocery order. Getting it here, it’s around 50 cents a can; with grocery delivery it’s closer to 75 cents and I can’t guarantee they have it in stock when our shopper is there. This way, it’s cheaper, I have it set up on Subscribe and Save and I know she’s always got food here.

(four) 40oz Iron Flask Sports Bottle I actually hired a fitness coach recently (more on that later) who encouraged me to get a 40oz water bottle in her quest to get me to drink more water. Her logic being, even if I only fill it twice in the day; that’s 80oz of water, which is significantly more water than I drank before. And if I fill it three times (which is our current goal) that’s 120oz which is perfect. I have two requirements in a water bottle: that it has a straw and that it’s insulated so my water stays ice cold. With this bottle; she and I are both happy.

(five) Bluetooth Sleep Headphones I love these so much, I have a whole post on them. And they’re that good that I’m adding them here too. Seriously if you have sleep issues; give these a try. They’re under $20 and worst case, if they don’t work you can return them. But I think you might like them!

(six) Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish Now that I haven’t been getting my nails done I’ve been using Essie’s gel polish line because it lasts almost an entire week before chipping which is a huge feat for me. I’ve gotten a couple nice neutral colors from Amazon as well as this really pretty lilac color called “Studded Silhouette” that I’m really loving.

(seven) Men’s Microfleece Pajamas These are Devon’s favorite pajama pants…ever. He/we have bought all different kinds for him over the years from all different price points (because he is picky about pajamas) and he just always buys these. Don’t let the fleece material fool you; they aren’t hot, he wouldn’t wear them if they were, and they are super soft, which is what he likes.

(eight) Ralph Lauren Men’s Athletic Socks Devon’s Mom randomly got him Ralph Lauren socks for Christmas that he wore at home (because they were dark grey & black and he typically doesn’t wear that color out) that he thought were so comfortable that he needed more of them for lounging at home. I’m no sock snob, I don’t know the difference between cheap ones and expensive ones; but to him these are the best sock ever. #youdoyoubro

(nine) Solimo Clarifying Body Wash This is an Amazon house brand of a popular acne body wash brand for like half the price. I have had random bouts of acne on my chest for years that’s acting up lately, so I grabbed this to help it. I’ve only used it a few times but so far I like it and we’ll see if it helps like I’m hoping it will.

(ten) DASH Rapid Egg Cooker I’ve seen so many people rave about this that I had to get it, especially since I’ve been snacking on hard boiled eggs more recently. It’s so good and absolutely fool proof. I got the black color, just because it was cheapest and since we store our appliances away anyway, it’s not like it’ll be out on the counter unless it’s being used.

(eleven) Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat I need to clean my brushes SO much, so I decided to finally try out these mats. They are amazing at getting into the brush and getting all of the gunk and bacteria out so you’re makeup brushes are clean. I liked that this was a two pack so I have one stored away in case the first one gets grimy.

(twelve) Doctor Who: The David Tennant Collection OKAY, I KNOW THIS ISN’T FOR EVERYONE. I’m not offended if it’s not for you. But if you love Doctor Who and David Tennant…why is this not in your DVD collection? They also have the other doctor’s collections as well, but let’s be real, this is my favorite.

(thirteen) Goodie Girl Gluten Free Cookies I know I said I hired a fitness coach, but she still lets me eat my beloved foods, so these aren’t being thrown away. If you’re gluten-free and haven’t tried these yet, you’re missing out. These literally taste like they’re gluten-filled counterparts; no joke. They have been out of stock around me for a long time, so Amazon came to the rescue!

(fourteen) Rechargeable Candle Lighter I’m sorry, you had me at rechargeable. I never have to buy a candle lighter ever again? Win. Ours ran out of lighter fluid, so this worked for us and it actually looks cute to keep out on a table.

(fifteen) Amazon 24 pack Felt-Tip Marker Pens If you’ve been here a minute, you know I love pens and I saw these and had all the heart eyes. They are so smooth and write beautifully. I love all of the colors, especially since we’re currently auditing our senior class to graduate, so I’m going through transcripts and need ALL the colors for differentiating things. If you’re a pen snob, get these!

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