*We’ve officially lived in our house for a month today and we actually unpacked our final box today. Granted it most of the contents went into a plastic bin until more furniture comes into the living room, but the point still stands. I feel like we’ve been living out of boxes for months so the fact that the last few are going out with the trash pick up tomorrow night makes me really happy. It’s strange though, because it feels like we’ve been living in this house longer than a month now, ya know, despite the lack of furniture on the main floor of the house.

It’s normal for living rooms to look like this right? But at least the boxes are gone as of this morning! (The TV mount is still there tho…)

*My hairdresser is going to think I’m crazy. I made an appointment with her in mid-October. But I forgot I did. So then I made an appointment the last weekend in October and then realized that Devon and I have a wedding to go to that day, so clearly, I can’t get to her studio that day…so I made another one the weekend before. So, basically I made appointments with her, for the same thing, three Saturdays in a row…and I can’t cancel two of them until she’s in tomorrow…so….luckily she knows I’m crazy, but still she’s going to think I’ve officially lost it when she sees that.

*I think I’m finally getting back into what feels like a normal routine for me, which is nice because I’m someone who craves routine and normalcy and calm things. All the moving chaos and job changing stuff was throwing me off in all of the ways and I’m more than happy to be done with all of that. Now that I’m back at work (and no, you haven’t missed the story, I haven’t told it yet because….it’s….an interesting one, I’m currently writing it, it just may need a little time to finish) and back to a normal stress level, I feel like I can concentrate on multiple things again, without wanting to throw things. (I don’t handle chaos well.)

*In that respect, I actually sat down and took a couple of hours yesterday to plan out all of my content through the end of October and next weekend I’m going to do November. I also am going to be changing up a couple of things around here. I’ve been doing a lot of the same things the same ways for a couple of years now, and I feel like it’s time to switch up a few things. In all honesty, most of you likely wouldn’t have noticed too many changes because most of them are more organizational and planning changes I’m making to make my life easier, but you’ll notice things like my weekly shorts posts (aka the post you’re reading) changing to a different day of the week with a slightly different name and a couple other things like that. I’m trying to do better at highlighting the content you all seem to gravitate to this most, so if there is anything specific you’d like to see more of, feel free to let me know!

*We’re really trying to do better with eating at home during the week like we used to and not ordering out so much, so I also made out a meal plan for us for next week. Most of it is super simple to do and won’t be too taxing after working all day (pic below if you’re looking for ideas for you). We were originally going to go to the store today but neither of us feels like going after cleaning the house and doing lawn care stuff all day so I’ll go tomorrow. I have to leave work a bit early for a furniture delivery anyway, so I can stop at the Aldi I have on the way home and get the majority of it. Also, THEY’RE BUILDING AN ALDI NEAR ME! It’s like Aldi heard I was moving and decided to come with me. I mean it’s not, but…give me this.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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