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If you saw my Instagram post earlier this week, you know that someone pulled a hit and run on my car.  Meaning, while it was sitting in front of my home, someone backed into it (as evidence by the dents/scrapes/etc on the front bumper) and left without leaving a note, knocking on my door, etc.  It’s fully driveable, but there’s easily, at least $1000 worth of damages to the front of it.  And it’s making me sad (not just because I’m the one stuck paying for it) because someone didn’t have the decency to at least leave their phone number on my windshield.  I fully accept that whoever did it, didn’t do it on purpose, they probably misjudged how much room they had, and that’s fine.  But, now my car, that I love, and that I’ve only had like…3 months…has damages to it, and I’m the one stuck with the bill.

And all of this happened in front of my home.  We live in an apartment complex, so really no one comes into this parking lot that doesn’t live here or knows someone here. So, odds are, it’s a neighbor or a friend of a neighbor who did it, which just makes it worse.  Whoever did it, has probably driven by my car a couple times since it happened and can still see what happened.  I even sent out a note (through our leasing office) to all residents stating, I know someone here did it, please just come forward if you know anything…and…I’ve gotten nothing.  It’s disappointing, to say the least.

If you haven’t seen my Instagram, this is pretty much what the front bumper currently looks like:

front bumper1

It’s hard to see in pictures because the car is black, so I tried to brighten the picture a bit. But just envision the bumper being fully dented in on the passenger side.  The fog light (that you can see in the bottom right corner) is fully pushed back into the engine, where it isn’t supposed to be, the side panel was moved back (because now when I open the passenger side door, the panel and the door scrape each other), the headlights on that side don’t work anymore, there are scratches and scrapes all over the front grill and front side.

I did get one small bit of good news, however, from my insurance company.  Because my car was unoccupied, sitting in front of my house when it happened, on private property; this damage is covered under our uninsured motorists/personal property damage coverage, so the deductible for that is half of what our normal accident deductible is. I’m very grateful for that fact, however still annoyed that I have to pay for it at all.

And yes, I know in the grand scheme of life, this is minor, it’s not the worst thing that could ever happen, it’s not even the worst thing that’s happened this year.  But compounded with all other crappy events of the year, this just seems to be one more thing to just cause undue stress and annoyance.

And I don’t know of anyone who wouldn’t be annoyed to have to pay for damages they had nothing to do with.  It just kills my faith in humanity a little.  I’m not a saint, by any means, but I would also feel horrible if I damaged someone’s property and I just left and left them to handle the cost/bill/etc.  But I guess not everyone has that active of a conscience.

I’m trying to give it a couple days to see if anyone saw anything or if anyone was willing to come forward with any information about the incident.  If not, I need to take it to the service center on Monday.  I am covered for a rental through my insurance as well, so I can pick up a car there.  Hopefully, they don’t need to keep it too long and I will be able to get it back quickly.

I am definitely going to be a lot more careful about how I park at home from now on, though.  Even if it means parking a little further away.  I don’t want someone to back into me again.

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