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This Introvert has Extroverted Too Much…

If you’re an introvert, that title probably just hit you all the way into all the feels.

I feel like the only thing I’ve said repeatedly this week is…”I’m so tired”.

And the usual response is: “well are you getting enough sleep at night”

“I’m actually sleeping better than I had in awhile”.

And then it hit me: I’ve had almost no downtime in the past few weeks; we’ve had so much going on that we haven’t had time to just hang out and home and relax. Devon and I are both happy introverts; we’re at our best when we can hang out at home, relax, and do things that make us calm and happy.

This past Saturday we had a wedding to go to for one of Devon’s former students. The Saturday before we were with Devon’s Mom and family for a visit and I got my hair done (which always takes awhile) and this coming Saturday, we have friends in town so we’re going out with them.

Sundays, for us, usually consist of cleaning, running errands (if needed), meal prepping, and working on school stuff for the coming week, so there isn’t usually a ton of relaxing time in there because we need to make sure we’re ready to go for the week.

Introverts get their energy from being alone. It’s not to say we’re lonely people (typically far from it), but we need time to ourselves to be able to function happily day to day. We need to get away from the everyday stuff to do something we enjoy (usually by ourselves) to recharge our batteries. Like I love staying home testing out new recipes, decorating our house, or reading.

Extroverts are usually the opposite. Going out, socializing and being active typically give them energy and re-charge them when they need it. Doing all of that, to me, is great every once in awhile, but to do it all of the time sounds exhausting.

Saturdays are usually our days to recharge our batteries for Devon and I and that hasn’t happened (and won’t be happening for another week) and I think it’s why I’m feeling really tired right now. I need some calm and quiet time and just don’t have the ability to have it right now.

Even during the week, work is so crazy right now that I’m getting home a lot later than I would like to in the evenings so by the time I get home I eat dinner, hang out for maybe an hour then go to sleep.

For my fellow introverts, how do you find ways to recharge when you don’t actually have time to fully reset? Admittedly, I don’t do well with those 10 minute mental breaks/meditations; those usually just leave me wanting more time than I just had.

Share with me your ways because I have way too much going on for the next week and a half (until my next free Saturday) to be this tired.

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