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Walmart Fall Fashion Finds

Am I the only one who thinks Walmart is killing it this year in the fashion department?


Walmart is one of those stores I go through phases with. Some years/seasons the majority of my wardrobe can be from Walmart and other times all of it just looks like something my grandmother would have worn.

There is no in between.

Currently, they have a lot of cute stuff; especially sweaters. I’ve picked up a few things from there recently for fall and have found a few more items that I’m thinking about adding to my cart.

I will say; shopping online is going to give you the best and biggest selection of apparel and accessories. I can find a lot of these pieces in my Super Walmart near me, but I do know that in the “regular” Walmart in the other direction, near me, the apparel selection is incredibly small and only carries basic things. So, if you don’t have a Supercenter near you, you might be better off sticking to online shopping.

The best part is that…this is Walmart, so everything is super affordable. I’m pretty sure the majority, if not everything I’m linking is under $25. And if you get NOTHING else; you have to get the Sofia Vergara Flares and the leopard flats.

Don’t question me….just do it.

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