06.24.2018: Our Wedding – The Ceremony

This may be taboo, or crazy to some, but I have to be honest; the ceremony was not my biggest concern in the whole of this day.

It just wasn’t.

Like, I know the purpose of it and why it’s here (because what’s to celebrate if you don’t do the vows and stuff) but I didn’t stress about it.

devon and stephanie wedding

I figured there is a procedure to it, there’s a layout, someone leads us through it all….so I don’t have to put a lot of thought into it.

That being said, we did do a couple of fun things for our ceremony because we couldn’t just have a fully normal, run of the mill ceremony.  Ya know…since we aren’t a fully normal, run of the mill couple.


In fact, the most normal thing we had was our families walking in before us.  After that….all normality ceased to exist.

devon and stephanie wedding

We decided (admittedly more Devon’s idea) that we would each walk into our own “entrance” theme; us and the bridesmaids and groomsmen.  I didn’t realize this was actually going to stress out most of them.  Because while it’s an answer idea, we have the friends that are “omg…it has to be the PERFECT song”, which, apparently caused some internal conflicts.

Now, we didn’t put any restrictions on the songs they could use; we just wanted to know what they were before the ceremony.  Partially for us and partially for our officiant/DJ (who I ADORE, by the way….more on him later) so he knew what was going on.  From that we wound up having the most random songs from the “Kim Possible” them to the “Game of Thrones” theme, something from Will Ferrell…I don’t even know.  It’s the part of the ceremony I’m kind of sorry to have missed, because from the room I was in; I just hear the songs come on and the guests laughing hysterically each time.

devon and stephanie wedding

Clearly they wound up having a good time with it….

devon and stephanie wedding

It was a pretty awesome way to start a ceremony.

Devon and I also picked our own songs but we didn’t tell each other what the songs were.

So….us….being us…..ultimately picked the same song.  I heard it when he went down the aisle (because he also chose to walk in himself and not in the “normal” way) and I chuckled to myself.

devon and stephanie wedding

(He also felt the crowd reaction to him needed to be bigger…)

When it came on for me, he essentially had the same expression on his face that I did.

devon and stephanie wedding

And our song wasn’t…..traditional either.

In fact, it was:


That was an amazing decision on our parts.  Mostly Devon’s….but you know what I mean.

Our entire ceremony was maybe 20 minutes?  We didn’t do like unity candles or have readings or anything like that.  We did do our own vows, however; along with the traditional ones.

devon and stephanie wedding

Our vows were also very typical for us; most of it was funny with some sentiment thrown in.  Like I mentioned how much I didn’t like him when we met so many years ago; in fact I thought he was annoying, arrogant, etc, etc.  As I was saying it, he was actually counting our the adjectives on his fingers because he’s heard this before and knows it very well; it’s something he’s apparently proud of now.

devon and stephanie wedding

And of course we did the whole honor to love and cherish…in sickness and health….stuff.

But we literally laughing most of the way through the ceremony.  Even our officiant could barely keep a straight face.

devon and stephanie wedding

Now, our officiant was a friend of mine from high school; he was also our DJ.   He’s had a DJ business for almost 10 years and became an officiant for one of his best friends weddings and ever since has added that to his business as a service.  He is absolutely amazing. We told him all of this kind of weird stuff we wanted to do and he didn’t flinch at all and just had fun with it along with us.  We got so many compliments for him throughout the entire night; he’s the best.  Seriously, if you live in the MD or DC area and need a DJ for anything, let me know and I will happily give you his contact info.

I looked out at our guests like once during the whole ceremony and the majority of them were laughing; almost no one was crying, which is what we wanted.  We didn’t want this to be an event where people are crying (even happily) throughout all of it, it’s happy and we wanted everyone to be happy throughout it.

devon and stephanie wedding

To be continued…..


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