21 Bag Challenge Spring Cleaning

21 Bag Challenge: Devon’s Corner/Coffee Table

I take a lot of joy in saying that I had nothing to do with either of these areas.  I am not the one who went through them, purged them, cleared them, etc.

Devon did.

I didn’t even have to ask him to do it.

I came home from school on Tuesday and all of it was taken care of.  His training is working!

I kid.  I’m not [actively] training him.

There was a corner in our living room that I very cleverly avoided any time I would take a picture of something in the room because it was just an eyesore.

Why didn’t I do anything about it?

It wasn’t my stuff sitting there.  That was just a conglomeration of stuff of Devon’s from when we moved in that he just never put away.

This is what it looked like not too long after we moved in:


Imagine the front bin and stuff on top of it gone along with the water bottles.  There’s still a second bin behind it and random stuff on top of it. That back bin and stuff has been what was sitting in our living room ever since.

It’s not really in the way of a lot, except the DVD racks and it’s not in the way of normal traffic flow in the room.  So for me, it wasn’t a huge deal, but it wasn’t pretty.  It’s stuff that just needed to go in it’s proper place.

So imagine my joyful expression when I came home on Tuesday and saw this:

corner after

IT’S A FLOOR!!!  I think I heard angel’s singing.

Now, all the Amazon stuff is going to school with him on Tuesday and the soundbar he’s currently putting up, as I type.

He cleaned out the bin, put it away, got rid of all his books off the coffee table, and had a nice big bag of stuff to get rid of, and dusted down all the surfaces in the living room.

Now the only part of the living room that is left is to vacuum down and fluff up the couch cushions (the life of having a cat who regards the couch as her bed).  It basically cleared most of one room off my to-do list.   Total Win.

Now if I could get him to vacuum……




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