Spring Cleaning

Spring Break Task List

Every time Spring starts, I suddenly feel this need to organize, purge, declutter, and just get everything….springy….I don’t know if that word makes sense here, but it’s staying anyway.

We aren’t actually on Spring Break here for another three weeks, which is sad because that just seems so far away and I’ve seen so many people throughout the country already on Spring Break.  So, I’m a little jealous because I’m longing for a week-ish off of work at this point.

Plus, I have a lot of things I want to do before Spring Break is over.  So maybe it’s good that I still have a few weeks because this list is long and I really don’t want to spend the entirety of my spring break cleaning and decluttering and whatnot.  I would like to get out and go do some fun things and enjoy my vacation a bit.

So, I have a list of things I need to get done and want to do by the time I return to work on April 24th.  I mean that gives me a little over a month from now, so logically I should be able to get this ridiculously long list of things done.

And really, this list is going to look long, but my main goal is to get our office fully functional again.  If you remember, we had a bit of a ceiling collapsing issue this past summer.  Obviously the ceiling is fine now as it’s been fully fixed and the room is usable and all of that, but like I never re-hung the floating shelves that were there and the room has kind of become a throw-all for things we don’t know what else to do with.  It needs some help.  I probably just need to take everything out of it and then put back what needs to be in there and get rid of a lot of stuff that doesn’t need to be there.  So, that’s my main project that likely won’t actually get done until Spring Break because I don’t see me wanting to do it over a weekend.  It’s something that will likely take me a couple days to do and do well and I don’t want to spend a whole weekend doing that.

Most other things are things I can do over spring break or even before spring break because they won’t require nearly as much time as the office will.  And the main rooms of our home are actually fine.  Like the living room and dining room are fine (the console/buffet table in the dining room could probably use a little straightening, but that won’t take long) and our bedroom is also mostly fine (except for the closets), so those rooms really won’t be given much/any attention other than my normal tidying of them, which is great.

Now onto my list for Spring Break.  I have it broken down into what I need to do at home and where I want to go/see during Spring Break.

Spring Break At Home

  1. Office
    1. Purge/Declutter
    2. Clean/Organize bookshelves
    3. Hang floating shelves/decorate
    4. Clean desk
    5. Have Devon clean his desk/area
    6. Closet organization
    7. New hamper?
  2. Front Hall Closet
    1. Purge/Organize
    2. Hang all coats
    3. Get rid of boxes
  3. Kitchen
    1. Pantry – clean/organize
    2. Fridge/Freezer – clean/organize
    3. Wipe down all counters/appliances
  4. Purse Bins
    1. Purge/Sell/Donate
    2. Take bins to school
  5. Linen Closet
    1. Organize
    2. Declutter bins/throw out expired items
  6. My closet
    1. Purge/donate/sell
    2. Organize sections
  7. Mop/Vacuum all floors and furniture
  8. Dust all the things

Spring Break Things To Do/Go

  1. Ikea
  2. Westfield Annapolis
  3. Harbor
  4. Hang out with Jess
  5. Spend time with Tiffani
  6. Visit Anita and her mom
  7. Wedding stuff
    1. Florist
    2. Photographer
    3. Dress shopping?


So, that’s a lot.  But I have a month to do it all.  Hopefully, I’m not going to leave it all until my actual break, that’s really not my intention.  My intention is to do the smaller projects over weekends, so that I can actually enjoy myself over break because I DESPERATELY want to go to Ikea.  I love spending time just walking around there and looking at the showrooms.  And for me, an Ikea exploration is like a full day affair because it is ginormous.  Plus the one in Collegepark is about 30-40 minutes from my house and with Baltimore traffic, I have to allow for stupid drivers.  So, one day will just be an Ikea day.

Me saying I want to do some of this on the weekends is also me saying none of this will get done this weekend….well…maybe…I don’t know.  I have somewhere to be most of the day on Saturday which means Sunday is my day to do the normal tidying/cleaning around the house.  But then next weekend, we’re spending Saturday with Devon’s Mom….so…..:sigh: maybe I will try to do something small this weekend.  Like maybe the hall closet.  That shouldn’t take too long.  Yes, this is me trying to hype myself up about it.  We’re going to try and see how it happens.  Cross your fingers for me.

I’ll let you know what/how much got done next week!




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