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5 Things About Me

I keep seeing the “5 Things About Me” floating around Instagram, so I thought I’d do one here.  I always love these kinds of posts from other bloggers; it’s just fun to find out random things about the people behind the blogs.

Depending on how well you know me, or how long you’ve been here, some of these may not be totally new information or that earth shattering, but….I’m a pretty ordinary person, so there’s that. 


1. I’m a textbook introvert.

So much! So much that I actually own this shirt from Cents of Style:

cents of style

One of my really close friends got it for me for Christmas last year and I love it.  It describes me so perfectly.  I am someone who is most content staying home on Friday night (or for like three days a time) and just relaxing.  I do enjoy going out and seeing people (that I like) but I really re-energize best at home in the quiet.  Especially since I’m in a profession where I have to talk to people all day and be cheery and happy, I REALLY lavish the time that I get to be quiet and peaceful at home.

2. I don’t drink/like coffee or tea….at all. 

And if you follow me on Instagram, you’re like, “but I see this a lot….”


And you would be correct, you do see this a lot.

But it’s hot chocolate, always and forever.

Now, I love the smell of coffee, but not so much the taste.  In fact the last time I drank coffee (like 4 years ago) it made me sick, so I’d rather just not deal with it.  I know dedicated coffee drinkers are like…welp, time to unfollow; coffee love runs deep in people, I get it.  For me, it’s a diet coke love that runs that deep…don’t ever take it from me.

Tea, I’ve just never gotten in to.  I’ve tried a few varieties and brands and it’s just not my thing.  Basically hot chocolate is life and my only hot beverage choice.

3. I have never travelled outside of the country…or to most of this country. 

It’s why these just came into my possession about a month or so ago.


Our honeymoon is the first time either Devon or I will have ever been out of the country. To say we are excited is an understatement.  But, we don’t travel much.  It’s not that we are against it, it’s just a lack of time and we have more goals with our money that are more important to us right now than traveling a lot.  I’d love, one day, to be able to say that I have seen this whole country, but that’s not likely to happen anytime soon.  I’ve been up and down most of the east coast, but Ohio is about as far west as I’ve gotten.  I’d like to rectify that eventually, but it’s not a necessity at the moment.

4. I DESPISE having my picture taken.

That’s not really new, but worth reminding people.  I hate it, I always have.  If you’ve been here for the wedding/engagement pictures debate, you’ve heard this. I’m trying to get better with it because I know capturing moments and memories are important, but it’s not easy.  I think it’s partially because I’ve never figured out how to just feel natural around a camera.  Anytime someone takes a picture it’s like my mind goes “how about we look as forced and unnatural as possible?”  Doesn’t really make any sense.  But, it is why you often see the same pictures of me and of Devon (because he hates having pictures taken, too) and because I love those pictures.  Like this one, that has pretty easily become a favorite (I even had an actual photo made of it to hang up at home):


5. I despise 99.9% of dresses.

And yes, you see me in a dress in the above picture.  It was the first dress I’d worn in….6 years, maybe?  I hate them.  Most women think I’m crazy, I know they’re “comfortable”. Give me jeans and I’m the happiest person in the word.  Dresses are not love for me.  I was okay in the dress you see me in above (similar dress linked here), but am I ever likely to wear it again? Not really unless I have some other occasion where a dress is necessary in the near future.

Only exception to this is my wedding dress.  I am OBSESSED with my wedding dress, as I should be, but it is completely unnatural for me to love a dress of any kind.


But you will never see me in another dress….unless it’s necessary.  I wear pants to work everyday, jeans on days I don’t have to work…I’m just not a dress girl.  It’s not how I work.


So, if you didn’t immediately close your browser window when you saw that I don’t drink coffee, thanks for making it all the way through here.  You’re welcome to share if you’re as odd as I am; odd people attract odd people…hence why Devon and I are getting married.  (Bonus fact: I am also sarcastic…just in case you couldn’t tell.)



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