Engagement Photos…Yay or Nay?


Devon and I are really fighting with the idea of having engagement pictures done.  Neither of us like having our picture taken; we actually both rather despise it, so we really think we might not do them.

We said this to a couple of friends of ours and they were like, “no you have to! You need the pictures for Save The Dates and announcements and invitations” and all this other stuff.  And Devon and I are both pretty much just:

raised eyebrow

Engagement photos are a relatively new thing; like our parents didn’t do them, people who got married before like 2005 didn’t do them and they managed to send out things without pictures or with pictures they already have and like, so why can’t we do that.

I mentioned it to another friend and she’s like, “well I see your point but it is a nice time to get accustomed to your photographer and actually see their work before your wedding”. And of course, that makes sense to me.


It totally makes sense to do a “dry run” before the wedding….but….I still really don’t care about having actual engagement photos done.

Give me some of your experiences.  Did you do engagement photos? Did you not? Did you regret not doing them if you opted out?





2 thoughts on “Engagement Photos…Yay or Nay?”

  1. Hi! I just got married in July and my husband and I had the same dilemma. We did end up taking them and it was SO WORTH IT!!

    1) It does let your photographer get to know you. Thankfully ours were our friends.
    2) My husband said it made it feel better in front of the camera.
    3) we did ours as a mini holiday session. If you can do something short I recommend it. That way it’s not drawn out and it’s less expensive.
    4) Since we don’t like pictures, we have hardly any together. It’s nice to have a few professional ones outside of our wedding.
    5) Do whatever you want to do. My husband and I “broke rules” when it came to our wedding and it was perfect for us!

    Good luck!!

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