Stephanie and Devon wedding

06.24.2018: Our Wedding – The Dress

I heard your feedback on the wedding recap, that you would rather see it in several posts as opposed to one long one and I respect that.

Plus, it’s easier for me, so I have no issue delivering.

But before, we get to any part of the day, I have to talk about one of my favorite aspects of it: MY DRESS!  I know! It’s crazy!  As much as I hate dresses on the regular, this dress was everything and one of my most favorite parts of the day, as evidenced by the fact that I couldn’t stop looking at it:

Stephanie and Devon wedding


If you’ve been here through this whole wedding planning process, you’ll remember that I actually bought my dress last summer.  As someone who hates dresses, selecting a dress was something that I really just wanted to get done and over with as soon as possible. Plus, knowing how much I hate them, I figured I wanted enough time to find something I really, at least, liked.

The first time I went shopping with my bridesmaids, we went to David’s Bridal because I really just wanted a large showroom full of every style and type that of dress I could even imagine to figure out what would look best on me.  The third dress I put on, I didn’t want to take off because I loved it just that much.  They even got me in the full get up of a veil and all, I loved it so much.

wedding dress

While I eventually steered clear of all the stuff on my head, it was the only dress I’ve ever put on that I never wanted to take off.

It was beautiful, but even better for me, it was comfortable.  I got it a size too big because I wanted to be able to move in it.  I knew I would wear Spanx underneath to smooth it all out, but I didn’t want to be shoved into a dress and be attempting to breathe all night. This dress gave me the ability to accentuate my shape and still breathe, which was nice.

I also was not expecting to like a lace dress; I expected it to be more frilly than my life would normally go for; but this was understated but beautiful, which I liked.

The train was the perfect length for me; just long enough to make a statement while walking down the aisle but not so long that I tripped over it all night (which was mostly in thanks to the bustle I had put on the dress)

stephanie and devon wedding

I didn’t actually realize how “big” the train was until I saw this photo of me getting ready to walk down the aisle.

stephanie and devon wedding

You can see a bit more of the detail in the back in this photo:

stephanie and devon wedding

If I had an excuse to wear this dress again, I totally would.  I don’t know how/where that would be appropriate, though.  I think I might have to think of something .

David’s does still have two very similar style dresses available on their site (my color is ivory, for reference).  One here and this one here that is available in all plus sizes.  


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