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I’ve semi-silent on how life is going, partially because I don’t think a lot is going on and partially because what has been going on hasn’t been something I felt like talking about.

It’s always a weird dichotomy when you have a blog because there are times when you want to tell everyone everything and then there are times when you just don’t feel like saying anything.

I don’t want this to sound like anything catastrophic is happening; it isn’t.  Life has just been life, more or less.

I think the one thing that has surprised me most lately is that, as of Monday, Devon and I have only been married for three months.

Yes, I said “only”.  It already seems like it’s been so much longer, and I don’t mean that in a bad way, I think it’s just because we’ve done so much in the past few months that it’s kind of amazing that we managed to pack all of that into three months.

If you think about it, we (technically) have been in five countries, one of us started a new job, a new school year has started for both of us, with new challenges but also new enjoyments, we had two more weddings, a baby shower, random family shenanigans (of good and bad variety) and a couple of random health things.

We have definitely kept ourselves busy since tying the knot (but sorry, no baby news to report despite many hopes and dreams about us conceiving on our honeymoon).

I’m still pretty obsessed with our pictures and still look at them…a lot….okay, more than a lot.

I mean, we were both actually smiling in most our of pictures.  Neither of us does that unless it’s necessary (or we really want to).

I actually, also, just ordered this one as a print to frame at home (since it’s one of my favorites) because I saw a deal for a free 8×10 photo from if you enter code “FREEPIX” at checkout and opt for in-store pickup.  I’ve done this before and their photo quality is pretty good if you’re interested in taking part.

Getting back into the swing of a new school year, also usually takes a little while.  I think after almost 6 weeks, we’re finally hitting a stride, though, which is nice.  I do have to be at school late tonight for a counseling event and it’s supposed to downpour all night, so maybe that will be a good thing…maybe not?  Let’s just hope it doesn’t delay me getting home #Ilikebeinginbedby9pm.

So…health-wise…..I have noticed a bit of thinning in my hair again…like a lot.  I actually just saw my dermatologist this morning who wants to run a couple of tests to rule out some things, but also noted that since my iron level went down so far, that is likely a culprit of the loss, that with my vitamin D again and along with stress of the past several months (because while getting married wasn’t that stressful, some of the family stuff that came along with it was) could have caused a loss again.

It’s upsetting for me, since I did so much to get it back in the first place, to lose it again.  My doctor, happily, is again optimistic that it will grow back and that all will be fine, but anyone who has experienced hair loss knows it takes a few months for that to happen. So for the time being, I’m using a lot of my old tricks (a bit begrudgingly) to disguise a lot of it.  I’ve mentioned it to a few people (including Devon) and all of them have noted that they can’t tell.  Devon even said that it’s not even close to what it was before.  Which is a little bit hopeful, I’m still not a big fan, though.

Although I am just hoping it’s the iron and vitamin levels and that it’s not any of the more serious things she’s checking for.  I’m just going to keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.

In short, life has been life.  Not bad, nothing monumental, but life as busy and crazy as it normally is.



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