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Sephora Holiday Savings Event

This week has been stressful for everyone; not pretending it hasn’t. Some people are stress baking, eating their feelings, stress cleaning, or shopping their feelings away. Devon and I decided to spend yesterday “off”. Off of work in every way, off from home projects, off from cleaning, off from all of the things that we …

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Sephora Spring Sale

Sephora’s Spring Sale is open to ALL levels of Beauty Insiders today! The discount varies depending on your Beauty Insider level, the higher your level, the higher the discount: Rouge: 20% off VIB: 15% offBeauty Insider: 10% All discounts happen when you use code SPRINGSAVE at checkout and it will reflect the discount applicable to …

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Helping My Dry Winter Skin with Cera Ve

I am not someone who typically suffers with dry skin….ever…but after this winter I give all the props to those who deal with it. It can be so painful and itchy that it makes me yearn for my oily skin issues again. I don’t know what happened this winter, I don’t know if it’s the …

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Sephora Holiday sale
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Sephora Holiday Bonus Beauty Insider Event

Sephora sales only happen a couple times throughout the year, so when they happen, you jump on them. This sale is always especially good because all of the gift sets are out. So if you’re shopping for your sister, mom, friend, or let’s be fair, yourself, now is the time to grab some amazing products …

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Beauty Experimenting

I haven’t done any experimenting in awhile in regards to my beauty routine. I’d been pretty happy with what I was using so I just kept with it, but lately, I feel like I need a bit of a change. I’m not entirely sure what I feel like I need the change in, so I …

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Microglo Microdermabrasion System

In talking about skincare recently and trying to find a new moisturizer that works for oily skin, I’ve also started working improving my skin’s tone and texture by using this at-home Microdermabrasion tool from Microglo. As I’ve mentioned, I have oily, acne-prone skin.  While I know I will enjoy the benefits of it later on …

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