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Cute and Affordable Fall Decor

So, if you’re on my Instagram, you know there has been some family drama in my life lately. Some stuff with my mother (and if you’ve been around here you also know I have a very strained relationship with her) and my brother has been living with Devon and I for about two weeks now. …

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Saturday Shorts


Hey ya’ll….. *Can I first give a shout out to all my fellow educators right now. Virtual learning is not for the weak…at all. If you all are with me and made it through the first week or so of your school year, virtually, please join me for some wine, because…we need it. *I managed …

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Uncategorized Weekend Sales

Best of Labor Day Sales

How is everyone?!?!? I will admit, I am spending this weekend firmly planted at home due to some kind of a stomach…disturbance…thing. I don’t know. I feel like once you’re diagnosed with Celiac the rest of your life is basically just one big uncomfortable tummy. So, I am hanging out at home, doing some fall …

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nordstrom anniversary sale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites

IT HAS BEEN A WEEK! Or two…I don’t really remember at this point. My fellow school counselors….ya’ll know how my life is right now. Schedules are due to come out on Friday and we’re not even close to ready for it despite the fact that we’ve all been working overtime for two weeks trying to …

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How I Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

It’s the best time of the year! Anniversary sale time!!! I know…I know….this is the sale that people either love or hate; there is literally no middle ground to this. Personally, I love it. It’s the best sale to grab wardrobe staples and items that I need (or need to replace) for a lot less …

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Meet Krieger!!

Say “Hello!” to the newest member of our family; our (almost) 4 month old kitten, Krieger. Yes, that’s his real name. Yes, it’s after the Krieger on Archer. #dontjudgeus This sweet little monster came home to us this past Friday and he is happily terrorizing our house. We got Krieger from a local rescue group …

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School Counselor Work Stuff

What Students Need For Distance Learning

Given that we’re almost near the end of July; many school districts in the country have released their plans for returning to school…and a lot are choosing to go with continuation of distance learning. My district just made the announcement that we will be completely virtual (doing distance learning) for the entirety of our first …

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