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All The Best Sales

I mentioned last week that I was going to start making a couple of changes to some things around here. One of those changes is that I wanted to use my weekend post to highlight some of my favorite weekend sales. I do it on Instagram from time to time and you all seem to …

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Fall FabFitFun Box
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FabFitFun Fall 2019 Box

A new season is upon us which means it’s time to unbox my latest FabFitFun delivery. If you’ve been around here for a minute, you know I’m obsessed with this box; in all the subscription boxes/services I get or have gotten in the past, this one tops all of them — hands down. The amount …

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*We’ve officially lived in our house for a month today and we actually unpacked our final box today. Granted it most of the contents went into a plastic bin until more furniture comes into the living room, but the point still stands. I feel like we’ve been living out of boxes for months so the …

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Hard Water Hair Woes

We have now lived in our new house for almost a month, which seems crazy because I feel like we still just moved in yesterday (and if you saw my IG stories yesterday, which I did save to my “New House” highlight, it looks like we still just moved in in a lot of the …

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FabFitFun Style Box

FabFitFun Style Box – Honest Thoughts

I remember mentioning before we moved that I received a FabFitFun Style box on Instagram and had every intention of talking about it here and then…moving hell happened and that didn’t happen. For backstory; FabFitFun began to do a curated style box this year which is similar to services like StitchFix, DailyLook, etc. You fill …

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Saturday Shorts

Shorts + Weekday Edition

*First of all, let’s talk about how much I never know what day it is on 4 day work weeks. Basically, Tuesday is the Mondayest Tuesday ever and pretty much every other day of the week is also very Monday-esque. I never seem to recover it well; I don’t know why. I enjoy long weekends…but…recovery …

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