Lidl Bowie
Frugal Living Shopping

Exploring Lidl

I feel like everyone knows Aldi, but not everyone knows about it’s “brother” store/company; Lidl. Admittedly, I’ve heard about it, and have always been interested, but I never had one close enough to be able to get to it easily. Now, there is one on the way home from work. Actually, there’s about to be …

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Frugal Living Simplify

No Spend September

Summer, for me, always has that trend of spending more money than I should, so when September rolls around my bank account feels a little lighter than normal. Back when I originally started in education; I didn’t get paid in the summers (since I’m a 10-month employee), so I had to be really good at …

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Frugal Living Hair Shopping

Deal Hunting Diva

I honestly get kind of mad when I have to pay full price for stuff.  It makes my heart hurt and kills a little piece of my soul. Okay, maybe that was a little dramatic. But only a little. You know how you see/hear people or friends say “I need some retail therapy” and they …

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