Nursery Room Inspiration

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that we started working on clearing out the nursery (formerly known as our “storage room”) and we also revealed the gender of our first child. We are not those people who need a big gender reveal – so that was never going to happen. While we had …

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cookbooks collection
Budget Food Meal Planning Monday

Top 5 Favorite Cookbooks

If you read my post last week about us doing a No-Spend Month, you saw one of our biggest goals was to decrease our takeout/delivery spending. My first trimester, I was significantly more tired than I was used to, and while I still get tired more easily, it’s not to the degree that it was …

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Budget Frugal Living Uncategorized

No Spend Challenge

I feel like between the months of November and December we spend so much money in our house. Obviously, part of it is because we’re buying gifts, but the sales are also always so good that we use that time to replace things around the house or upgrade/update things/spaces that are showing wear. While we …

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About Me Pregnancy

Life/First Trimester Update

Happy 2022! I hope everyone is having a great and healthy holiday season and New Year. We know of a lot of people who spent this holiday unwell, so we spent most of the winter break at home and away from people because the pregnant lady (me) is trying to desperately avoid getting sick with …

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Black Friday Shopping List

Am I the only one who basically stops shopping around Labor Day until Black Friday/Thanksgiving weekend? I don’t see a point in buying things at full price when literally EVERYTHING goes on major sale at Black Friday. I think the only thing I’ve really bought in the past couple of months were a couple pieces …

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Saturday Shorts


*It has taken a lot longer than it normally does, but I think I’ve finally figured out my life this school year in terms of routine and kind of what to expect of myself this year. I feel like I normally have this together within a couple weeks of school starting, but this year is …

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