06.24.2018: Our Wedding – Reception

Our reception was where a lot of our focus was in planning our wedding.

For us, we really just wanted everyone who was coming to our wedding to just have a good time; we wanted good food, good music, and…an open bar with all of our friends.

As I mentioned before, our officiant was also our DJ for the wedding and he was absolutely AMAZING!  I’ve known him since high school and he was the kid I could totally see becoming a DJ.  He always had a ton of energy and always had the most random music playing around him that he was usually singing to.

That being said, so not only did he get out and dance with our guests, he also came out of the DJ booth and sang to them a couple times.  The first time he did, I heard one of our friends go, “wait, is that the DJ singing?!”

Yeah…it was.  He has a good voice.  Most people, at first, thought it was just the record playing.  Nope, it was Bobby singing.

So, I say again, if you need a DJ and are in the MD/DC/PA area, shoot me a message and I’ll send you his info.  He’s awesome.

It’s so funny, from looking at our photos, you would think it was really bright in our reception area when it was actually nearly the opposite.  Devon and I joked that it looked like a club in there most of the time.

Our venue had different colored lights all around the walls and ceilings that they could turn on, so of course, we asked for the blue ones.  It made it a bit darker than some would probably go for, but it looked amazing! Our photographer, though, again, was great and managed to lighten our pictures so you could see everything but not so much that they look re-touched.

The food was amazing.  And if you know Devon and; we enjoy food; so that aspect was very important to us.  We had about a dozen different appetizers (some stationary like cheeses and bruschetta) and some that servers brought around (like mini lamb chops and crab cakes – which were both AMAZING!).  Then we did a sit-down dinner.  While we enjoy a good buffet, it wasn’t really what we wanted for our wedding.  So, we had a three course meal with salad, soup, and an entree of chicken and salmon – a little something for everyone.

Then of course cake….because….cake.

And, of course, we had speeches.  We didn’t do the traditional maid of honor and best man thing.  Instead we asked all of our bridesmaids and groomsmen to come up and say a few things.

We told all of them, in keeping with the spirit of our wedding, to make it funny, yes they could add a little sappy, but let’s amuse everyone, too.  They all did that.  Of course, though, I had the one friend who wrote an essay when it was her turn to talk, but she is an English teacher, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  I also had the friend that used her elementary school/soon-to-be Mom voice to shush everyone when it was her turn to speak.  It was good times.

And yes, we did a first dance.  Semi-begrudgingly on both of our parts, so we made it a short song that we both like.

This song, actually:

Yes, it is from Guardians of the Galaxy, which was a win for Devon, and its the song Baby Groot dances to at the end of the first movie, which is a win for me.  so, we were both happy.

Overall, everyone was happy, well-fed, tired, etc.




I think I said before that I’m not the girl that had her wedding planned since the age of 5.  I spent most of my child life saying I’d never get married, so I didn’t care about the wedding.

But this day; June 24th, 2018; was the best day I could have ever asked for.  Everything went so smoothly, we had an amazing time.  We were SO tired at the end of the night, but if I could do it all over again; I’d do it again in a minute.


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