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8 Months Until The Big Day!

Since we are exactly 8 months, to the day, from our wedding, I thought I would share a bit of an update.


First of all, it sounds so weird to say that we only have 8 months left.  It’s even crazier to think that we’ve already been engaged for 11 months.  Time is just flying!


I think the reality that we’re getting married is actually finally settling in.  I think with contract signings and plans being made, it’s just made it seem a lot more real than it was before.  We’ve had our venue booked since December, but with the new plans we’ve finalized, it’s just more concrete now than it was before.  Plus, I have my dress at home, so all of it is just making it set in more that this is really happening and it’s so exciting.

Like I mentioned, I do already have my dress.  If you’ve seen my Instagram, you’ll see I even already have it in my possession.

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 11.26.18 AM

Can’t show all of it, though!

As much as I hate dresses, I love this one.  I keep opening the bag just to look at it and feel it.  It is about a size and a half too big, though, so I’m eventually going to need it altered, but just knowing that I have it is a huge weight lifted off of me.

We also hired a photographer!  The picture-phobes have someone taking pictures of them! And we actually love our photographer already.  She’s pretty calm and even tempered like we are, which is a huge plus for us when it comes to our wedding.  We told her that we generally hate having pictures done, so she’s making it as painless as possible for us and even said that we’ll barely know that she’s snapping away at the reception.  All of that is absolutely perfect for us.  She is also very reasonably priced (again, people who don’t like pictures don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on them).

She did the wedding of two of my co-workers (who married each other) and the pictures are gorgeous.  She came so highly recommended, we pretty much hired her before we even met.  If you’re in the Maryland/Virginia area and you need a photographer, let me know and I will be glad to send you her contact info!

Over the weekend, we booked most of our honeymoon!  I feel like we’re even more excited for that than the wedding itself.

We are going to London and Cardiff (Wales) for two weeks with a day in Edinburgh, Scotland and some time in Reykjavik, Iceland.  Scotland and Iceland were not part of the original plan, but as we were planning flights, opportunities to spend some time in both areas came up (while waiting for connecting flights) so why not make the most of our time out of the country?

Devon’s annoyance is that we aren’t leaving directly as the reception ends, we’re actually not leaving until the next evening.  He just had this vision in his head of us just heading straight to the airport as the evening ended, for some reason.  And I’m not against it, but we would have been at BWI until like 6am anyway, which was the earliest flight out and that sounds annoying.

This way, we have some time to unwind, sleep, get everything back to our house that we need to and then head to the airport.  I like the thought of that because then we don’t have to stress so much about having absolutely everything packed and ready before the wedding.  Plus, we can also leave our luggage at home instead of dragging it to the venue with us, which is also a plus.  Now, I just need to find someone to sit for my cat while we’re gone because two weeks is a bit too long to leave her by herself….

We have all the flights and hotels booked for the trip, which for me is the biggest part, now we just need to figure out how we’re spending our time in these places.  We’re not super huge into the really big touristy things but want to really experience both places. Devon wants to spend half of our time in Cardiff doing as much Doctor Who related things as possible, like if they’re filming….that’s probably where we’ll be (hence why we’re going to Cardiff in the first place)n or someone that has been used for filming.  But we are open to suggestions if anyone has them on what to see and do while we are there!

At this point, I feel like I can safely say that we have all of the really big stuff done.  We just need wedding rings (which is the one thing I keep forgetting about, oddly enough), Devon needs his tux, we need flowers and the bridal party needs their attire.

Other than that, it’s really just the smaller details that still need to be worked out.  I’m sure, as it gets closer, I’ll find more things to randomly freak out about, but at the moment, we’re doing pretty well.  And I’m sure these next 8 months are going to fly by, so we’re just trying to enjoy them while we can!

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