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Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween everyone!

While I haven’t dressed up in years, I still managed to get roped into my school’s Halloween parade at lunch.  Luckily, you don’t have to be in costume for this parade, you just have to be a twin….kind of.  Basically, it’s a doppleganger parade; a student has to ask to dress up as you for this parade and then all the faculty members and their “twin” do some sort of waltz or something during lunch to show off the twinning.  One of my seniors asked to dress up as me, so now I get to be in the parade….yay.  It’s cute and flattering to be asked, especially since it’s my first year here, but we know how I feel about being the center of attention.  I’d rather do anything but….BUT since she asked, I’ll do it.

We’re finishing up the Nightmare on Elm Street movies to wrap up our month of horror movies that we do in October.  Now we did do some legitimately scary movies for October, but most of them, especially after the 12th viewing, are just cheesy.  It doesn’t stop us from watching them though.  I don’t know of anyone that doesn’t appreciate a good Freddy Krueger movie.

However, I will fully admit that Insidious (especially the second one) got me.  Like they actually made me jump kind of got me (and the first one got Devon to almost jump out of his seat); most movies don’t do that.  If you’re a fan of scary movies, I highly recommend those.  I don’t really want to give a ton away, but I promise you will not be disappointed.

Since Devon and I both work in schools that do some sort of Halloween celebration, neither of us is big on the whole trick-or-treating thing in our neighborhood.  Yeah, we’re that house that doesn’t have the porch light on for a reason.  We’re fine to celebrate in school, but once we’re home, the little tykes can hit the houses next door.  We do however make sure we have candy for us….mostly because candy is delicious.

I hope all of you that are going all out in your celebrations this year have a great time and do so safely.

And if you aren’t….then it might be a good idea to take the day and prepare yourself for…..


I’ve already seen Christmas decorations out in most stores.  Now, it will time for carols everywhere 24/7 until New Years.

Happy Holidays!!!

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