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The Holidays Are Here


I was having lunch with my co-workers yesterday and we realized that Thanksgiving is basically about 2 weeks away.

That seems so crazy.

That means Christmas is coming, our friend’s wedding is coming, Thanksgiving plans need to be figured out, shopping will need to be done.

On top of it, Thanksgiving will mark a year that Devon and I have been engaged.  It seems so weird that it’s been that long already.  People told me it was going to go quickly and while I believed them, I didn’t fully either.

Like, once the holidays are over we’re in full wedding planning mode until June and I know it’s going to absolutely fly by, even moreso than the past year has.

But this time next year, we’ll be getting ready to celebrate our first holidays as a married couple.

That’s INSANE to me!

I’m trying to not think that far ahead because it’s super overwhelming, so I’m trying to focus on the next few weeks, so that I don’t completely lose my mind.

The main thing stressing me out this year is Christmas shopping.  Normally I’ve done a lot of it by now, so I’m not really worried about it.  This year, I have literally done nothing.  Nothing.  For anyone.

Please tell me I’m not the only one running around like a chicken with its head cut off this year?


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